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Tagg uses advanced GPS and the nation's largest wireless network to help you to find your pet anytime and anywhere.

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Tagg GPS Pet Tracker is the nation's leader in GPS Pet Tracking Technology. Not to be confused with the common microchip, Tagg uses advanced GPS and the nation's largest wireless network to help you to find your pet anytime and anywhere. Additionally, Tagg can track your pet's activity levels. Give you and your beloved pet the safety and security you both deserve.

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  • Track Your Pet Using an Award-Winning GPS Pet Tracker that Sends Text and Email Alerts When Your Pet Gets Out
  • View and Track Daily Exercise Levels to Ensure a Healthy Happy Pet    
  • Free Award-Winning Apps - iPhone and Android    
  • Receive Alerts When Your Pet Gets Out      
  • Interactive Map - Directions to Your Pet
  • Attaches to Your Pets Current Collar
  • Free Starter Pack: 3 Months Service Included
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Don't Let Your Pet Become a Statistic

“More than 10 million pets are lost each year”- ASPCA. A microchip is simply NOT enough. Tagg gives you the power of GPS to locate your pet at any time. A microchip does not alert you if your pet is lost, or show you their location, but Tagg does. A microchip requires your pet to be brought to a facility for scanning and will likely cost you a recovery fee. Tagg keeps America's pets safe by actively monitoring their safety more than a million times a day. Tagg puts you in control.

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Free Award-Winning Pet Mobile App

The Tagg GPS Pet Tracker App for iPhone and Android smartphones is a convenient way to stay in touch with your pet. Receive alerts, find your pet on a map, and get driving directions to their current location. The free Tagg App also allows you to monitor your pet’s health by tracking their daily activity levels.

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Newly Released Activity Tracking Feature

With Activity Tracking, learn how active your pet is and be proactive about their health and exercise. Vets recommend that dogs get 30-60 minutes of exercise per day. Use Activity Tracking to easily find out if your pet is getting enough exercise. Track your pet's daily activities in one simple view. Set goals and compare your pet's day-to-day activity levels. Spot long-term changes and trends in activity levels. Share this activity data with your vet and make educated decisions about your pet's health.
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Have More Than One Pet? Save With Our Tagg Family Plan

Trackers & Service are available at a discounted rate for your second through ninth pets. Purchase “Add-A-Pet Trackers” exclusively at www. tagg. com to take advantage of the Tagg Family Plan.

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Fits Your Pet’s Collar and Their Lifestyle

The Tagg system easily attaches to your pet’s existing collar. Collar not included. One-time activation fee upon setup. Tagg is lightweight (1.16 ounces) and engineered to withstand your pet's daily activities. From belly-flopping into ponds to chasing the mailman, the tracker is as comfortable as it is tough.

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What's in the Box?

  • 1 Tracker
  • 1 Docking Station
  • Collar Clip Assembly
  • Power Kit
  • Quick Start Guide
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is there way for a user to initiate a location request even if the cat is within the boundary of the device perimeter?

    Yes, if you unplug the base unit and wait 10 or 20 seconds, the unit will track your pet regardless of where it is in relation to the Home Zone because there is essentially no longer a Home Zone when the base is unplugged. Also, you can page the unit when it is within the Home Zone. The only problem I ever have with this device is if my cat removes the collar....

  • Can you track the collar via smartphone without cellular signal / only on GPS or would you need cellular signal to use the smartphone app?

    You cannot track it without some kind of connection to the Tagg company servers-the tracker uses GPS to record its location (recall though that GPS is one-way only, it cannot receive data from the device it only tells the gps sensor in the Tagg unit where it is), then uses cellular towers to send that information to the Tagg company servers. You need either cell data or wifi to then access the Tagg servers to get the information about the pet's location. So if you are asking can you use the app on wifi, for instance, then yes. If you are asking if you can use it where there is no wifi/cell service/anything, then no. It is not like a hunting style tracker where you use radio signals or the like. You can use text messages to activate/get tracking updates/etc. (i.e. use it on a cell phone without using the app) as well.

  • Do you have to have the monthly service at all time or can you use it to locate your pet without the monthly service?

    You do have to pay the monthly service fee for as long as you want the tracker to keep tabs on your pet. I suppose that is needed to cover the provider's cost of computer systems, the cell service they subscribe to, and so on. The tracker does not require you to have a cell service. But without one, and a smart phone, you will not get the messages from the tracker and would not be able to use the system to track your pet if it takes off without you.

  • Are you able to see enough detail on the map to determine a location in which the dog may be getting out of a fenced yard?

    No. When pet is inside circle (minimum diameter around 200 feet centered on base) location of pet only shown inside the circle, not GPS located. While this saves battery effectively, it does not show you where he is inside that circle. Trade off long batt life for loss of GPS Locator near home. I too had to keep watch to catch him getting out to see where the breach was.

  • How long does it take to activate, and once the three months expire, can you activate it after your pet is missing?

    It only takes 10 minutes max start to finish to activate. The instructions are very clear and the web site is easy and simple to use. I really can't answer the second part of your question. But, once the Tracker ID is in their system, I suppose you can activate it at any time. Just remember your ID and password.

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