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A low fat cooker that helps users to cook dishes that would conventionally be fried.

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Produces excellent french fries

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Greatly reduces amount of oil required for frying

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Clean-up is easy, as advertised

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Cooks frozen foods just as well as fresh

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Stirring paddle prone to sticking

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Lacks temperature controls

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The T-fal ActiFry is a low fat cooker that helps users to cook dishes that would conventionally be fried, while reducing the amount of fat in the recipe. The goal is to minimize the use of oil. It achieves this result through using a unique design that stirs the food while cooking, as well as a "pulse heat" system that evenly distributes the oil and helps maintain consistency. A typical recipe takes no more than 2 tablespoons of oil. The ActiFry can also be used to create a variety of helathy, low-fat and non-fried dishes such as chili, risotto, or stir fry. 

The ActiFry has a similar interface to a slow-cooker, and uses an automatic and audible countdown timer. The lid opens via a button, and the upper lid portion does not steam or fog during cooking, which aids in checking on food as it cooks. The lower pan portion has a non-stick coating and, like the rest of the components, can be removed for cleaning. Safety features include no pre-heating requirement, no open parts while cooking, and a cool external temperature while in use.

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Features and Specifications

  • 2.2-pound food capacity
  • Stirring paddle
  • Removable ceramic coated non-stick pan
  • Transparent, no-fog lid
  • Coutdown timer with buzzer
  • Dishwasher safe pan, paddle, lid, and measuring spoon
  • 2-button operation
  • Includes color recipe book
  • Automatic cooking
  • Closed cooking vessel and cool-to-touch while using
  • Odorless while cooking
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Color Options

  • White
  • Black
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