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Quickly & efficiently bring water to a boil for a variety of teas, instant coffee, soups & more.

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Variable temprature

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Plastic smell water

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Soothe your body & soul with warm liquids thanks to the T-fal BF6520003 Vitesses Electric Kettle. Quickly & efficiently bring water to a boil for a variety of teas, instant coffee, soups & more. Brew the perfect cup of tea by controlling the water temperature depending on your tea choice - white, green or black. The T-fal BF6520003 Vitesses Kettle automatically shuts off when temperature is reached or when it is removed from the base. Its 7-cup capacity with exterior water level viewing windows and a 360° rotating base makes prepping and serving your hot water needs easier than ever. The T-fal BF6520003 Vitesses Electric Kettle comes with an anti-scale filter that collects unwanted impurites in water and is removable for easy cleaning.

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  • 1750-watt high-speed kettle boils 7-cups of water in just 5 minutes
  • On/off button located on handle; boil-dry protection with automatic shut-off
  • Variable temperature control; lifts off corded power base for cordless pouring
  • Exterior water-level indicators; concealed heating element; anti-scale filter
  • Product Built to North American Electrical Standards
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How to get rid off the terrible plastic tasted?

    I would recommend boiling water (full kettle) with a few drops of lemon juice once/twice.

  • Is there an indicator light showing power is on? (And maybe even turns off when water is boiled or to set temperature.)

    Yes, there is; and also when it turns off (water boiled) you hear a little "click"... So you definitely know when the kettle turns off.

  • Does it whistle when boiling?

    It doesn't whistle. The unit makes a noise (something like a grumble) while heating & you can hear it click off when it's reached a boil.

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