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The Olevia 747i is a 47 inch LCD panel displaying a full 1080P resolution picture.

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Glass cover makes for easy cleaning

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Calibrated out of the box

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Includes the high end Realta decoding chip

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Superb color accuracy

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Integrated digital amplifier for audio output

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Two integrated tuners

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Confusing menu system

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Black levels are worse than comparably priced plasmas

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Heavy weight

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Poor viewing angle

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The Olevia 747i is a 47 inch LCD panel displaying a full 1080P resolution picture. Syntax, the manufacturer of the set, positions the 747i as a higher end model incorporating on board video and audio processing capabilities. The case itself is a standout feature as the entire front of the television, including the black bezel, is covered by glass. This glass cover has the added side effect of pushing the set's weight to 132 pounds. 25 watt detachable speakers come standard on the bottom of the set, and with an optional conversion lens can be positioned on either side. The two integrated analog/digital tuners are another distinguishing feature of the set allowing you to watch two over the air HD programs simultaneously.

  • 47 inch, 1080p resolution LCD panel supplied by LG Electronics
  • Manufactured in Ontario, California
  • Detachable 25 watt speakers
  • On board digital amplifier
  • Silicon Optix Realta HQV video processing chip
  • Weight: 132 lbs
A/V Ports
  • 2 x HDMI (each with their own stereo audio inputs)
  • 1 x VGA, 2 x Composite, 2 x S-Video
  • 2 x RF, each with their own integrated analog/digital tuner
  • 1 x USB for firmware upgrades
  • L/R speaker, subwoofer, and headphone outputs
  • TosLink optical, coaxial digital outputs

Syntax uses the Realta HQV chip which handles all of the video processing, including upconverting sources that don't display the LCD's native resolution of 1080p - namely, almost everything but HD-DVD and Blu-Ray movies. The chip also deinterlaces 1080i content. The Realta chip is one of the best in its class minimizing the amount of artifacts during the conversion process, while also adding the ability to adjust nearly every aspect of the picture. All the traditional picture settings can be tweaked, along with more obscure settings such as the color temperature. One thing that might annoy the hardcore tweakers is that the picture settings menus don't display the numbers, but instead show just the slider.

On the audio side the 747i compares very favorably to the competition. Where most television sets house 10 watt speakers, Syntax went for more powerful 25 watt speakers. The speakers themselves can be removed from the bottom of the television, and repositioned on the side. A bevy of audio outputs are also found on the rear of the set including standard left and right speaker outputs, but also a subwoofer output and a jack for headphones. The speaker ports are powered by the on board digital amplifier that is rated at 26 Wpc. Both optical, and coaxial outputs are included for digital audio pass through.

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