This Brand New 3 Channel Gyro mini Metal rc helicopter is 1 of the world's newest.

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This Brand New 3 Channel Gyro mini Metal rc helicopter is 1 of the world's newest, smallest and lightest RC Helicopter you can get! At approx. 7.5" long, it easily fits in the palm of your hand and is fully functional, equipped with latest Gyroscope technology, which makes this helicopter an instant hot seller in the RC World. This mini Gyro Metal helicopter charges directly either from the USB cable or from the controller which uses "AA" batteries and has a full-function trim control for the perfect flight. Get one today before they all fly away!

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  • 2 Selectable Frequencies Let's You Fly Up To 2 Helicopters At Once
  • Amazing Technology in the palm of your hand!Syma Newest Model S107 3CH Gyro RTF Metal RC Helicopter.No Assembly required, Ready To Fly! Equipped with the latest Gyroscope technology. Colors and Frequencies May Vary. We have Red & Yellow color.
  • Full 3 Channels : Up, Down, Left, Right, Forward and Backward.A 25-30 minutes charge is equal to a 8-12 minutes flight.Recharging takes place via the transmitter or USB cable.
  • The transmitter has an Alignment Trim, a Charging and Power.Indicator, a Left/Right Lever and a Trimmer. A lightweight Lithium Polymer battery.
  • Length : Approx. 7.5 Inches.Width : Approx. 7.5 Inches (with main rotors).Height : Approx. 3.8 Inches (from bottom to balance bar).Main Rotors Surface Diameter: Approx. 7.5 Inches.
  • Suitable for indoor flying only.Suitable for ages 14+.Battery for the helicopter: 3.7V-180MAH LI-POLY.Flight Range : Approx. 30 Ft.ROHS, ASTM, FCC and CE Approval
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Won't take off: Any ideas?

    Typically, when the heli won't take off as you described, the battery is too weak or drained to spin the rotors fast enough to create sufficient lift. (One needs to apply nearly full throttle to get the heli airborne; otherwise, it will just crab or spin without taking off.) Because you stated that the heli was fully charged, you probably have a bad Lipo battery if you applied full throttle. (Lipo batteries can be damaged if they are drained below 3 volts as may happen if the heli is stored away for months, (e.g. old retail stock), or flown again without charging after the battery "rebounds" from a prolonged, nearly completely draining flight.) Either take/send it back to the store where you purchased it for an exchange, or replace the Lipo battery under the canopy. Some advanced chargers can restore an over drained battery, but these units cost much more than the S107. Replacement batteries for the S107, (~150 mAh with protection circuit board), can be found on eBay for under three bucks per unit including shipping, but since most are sent from Hong Kong delivery can take up to two weeks or longer. By the way, the tail rotor only spins when the heli is flying backwards or forwards. It basically acts to tilt the main rotors from level, thereby controlling the direction of travel.

  • Loose Blades: Do they need to be tightened before flying?

    Nope, they are meant to swivel. Once you ramp up the RPMs the blades stabilize and you can fly around very easily. If you hit a wall or chair or something the blade will fold back sparing what would be pretty bad damage to the shafts.

  • Helicopter won't charge: Do I return as a bad product or am I doing something wrong?

    Was just struggling with the same thing on mine this morning. I discovered that the USB cable works best. Be sure the helicopter switch is turned off. Plug in the USB cable to the USB port. You should see a red light in the USB connector. Plug the other end into the helo and the red light should turn off. If it doesn't, it's not charging. GENTLY wiggle the connector on the helo side a bit back and forth, twist or move it in & out of the connector until the red light goes off, then very gently lay it down to charge. If the light comes on again right away, you need to reset it. It appears to be bad solder joint or maybe a bad connector (intermittent connection) somewhere. But if you can get the red light to turn off at all, you're in business. When it comes back on after 15-25 minutes, it means the battery is fully charged. Good luck!

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CHOKING HAZARD -- Small parts. Not for children under 3 yrs.
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