Super wide swimming pool basketball game is height adjustable.

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Sturdy base

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Height adjustment

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Super wide swimming pool basketball game is height adjustable. Oversized backboard measures 44 inches wide by 32 inches tall. Includes commercial quality hard body backboard with adjustable height stand, one regulation game ball, metal hoop and heavy duty net. Fill the durable base with water to weigh this basketball set down during more aggressive play.

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  • Commercial quality multi-height adjustable poolside basketball
  • Super-wide molded hard body backoard is a full 44" wide by 32" height
  • Comes with regulation size game ball, metal hoop and heavy duty net
  • Adjustable basketball hoop to accommodate adults and children alike
  • Metal hoop and sturdy net are built to last
  • Includes a regulation-size ball
  • Rugged resin base fills with water to provide a solid, weighted support
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the heights of the rim off of the pool deck at either of the 2 height settings?

    I am six feet tall, and I can easily dunk from the shallow end (3.5 feet) on the top setting. This is a really nice product. Mine is two or three years old, and it is still in good shape. When you move it, don't drag it or you'll rub a hole in the section where the water (as weight) goes.

  • Does this work with above ground pools

    You would need at least a 2 1/2 foot deck around the pool for it to sit on. We love this poolside basketball goal. It is sturdy. The only problem we had was the net. We had to replace it.

  • The description says for inground pools. Can it be used on a wood deck? Is it too heavy?

    I think it would be fine on a wooden deck....not sure why it would say for inground pools.

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