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The M5 gives you 12/24-hour time tracking, a calendar, and one daily alarm.

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This wristy little task-master lets both first-timers and hardcore heart-rate enthusiasts keep their fingers (watch) on the pulse of their workouts. Three different modes let you be completely plugged in to a guided routine or take a less structured approach to your daily exercise efforts.

The Movestick gives you downloading dominance to Movescount. com to track and analyze your output, either on a Mac or PC. Wrap your chest in the Dual Comfort belt and let the M5 pick up the digital ANT signal for an immediate and accurate heat rate. If you've entered your weight, this techy timepiece tracks calories (just in case your goal is to burn enough to justify another G&T or a few extra cheesy fries).

The watch will hold up to 4 weeks of workouts, and offer weekly adjustments to your sweat-time to keep your goals within reach. When you're struggling, the M5 knows how to keep you going with motivational messages. You're tabulating your efforts, calories crushed, and heart rate, but what about making your meetings on time? The M5 gives you 12/24-hour time tracking, a calendar, and one daily alarm. An alert gives you a heads-up when the battery is running low, and unlike other monitors, you can replace the battery when it finally dies. The electro-luminescent lights up the dot-matrix display for easy reading whether your exercise habits are adapted for Dracula or not.

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  • Includes Dual Comfort Belt, compatible with most gym cardio equipment
  • Easy to use and features Languages: English, French, Spanish, Italian, German, Dutch, Portuguese, Swedish and Finnish
  • Track speed and distance (with optional Suunto Foot POD, Bike POD and GPS POD)
  • Upload exercise data and Download any training program from (with optional Movestick)
  • 3 personal targets to choose from improving fitness, weight management or free training
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Color Options

  • Black
  • Black/Gold
  • Black/Silver
  • All Black
  • Black/Lime
  • Black/Silver/Pink with Movestick
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Comes with Heart Rate Belt?

    Yes, it comes with a heart rate chest strap.

  • What is the SS numer or SKU number to this watch, is it SS015859000?

    The SKU is or product number is SS018466000.

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