The Suunto N3 is touting itself as the next generation of watches.

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The Suunto N3 is touting itself as the next generation of watches. By connection to Microsoft's MSN network, the watch provides you with much more than just the time. The most appealing aspect is your ability to use MSN Messenger and your buddy list, allowing you to connect while on the go. You also have access to various things like news, sports, weather, stocks and horoscopes. It also has programmable alarms so you can make sure you're on-time using the calendar + alarm features. For the sport enthusiasts, this watch has advanced timing capabilities including: stopwatch, lap & split times as well as interval timers. The watch can be connected to your computer via USB as well so you can keep track of all your workout information.

All of this information connectivity is provided by the MSN Direct service [link] which costs around $10/month or $60/year. The service is available in most metropolitan areas, however, currently is only available in North America.

With new "smart" phones coming out daily, it's unclear where the smart watch fits into the technological landscape. Since you need to pay for an added subscription service, the smart watch has only found a few dedicated adopters.

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