The SureFire G2 is a durable, high end LED flashlight.

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The SureFire G2 is a durable, high end LED flashlight. It packs a powerful source of light in a small lightweight, corrosion proof body. Compared to larger D-cell flashlights the G2 delivers brighter light for longer intervals of time and features a quick activation pushbutton tail switch.

It's small size allows the G2 to fit in the palm of your hand or pocket for easy stow away and portability.  Made of Nitrolon polymer aluminum for ultimate strength and weight reduction, the G2 is a flashlight you can take anywhere. The LED micro textured reflector provides a long lasting, powerful 120 lumen beam of light that is far brighter then flashlights powered by much larger duel D-cell batteries. This also allows for continuous light for up to 2 hours on a single set of batteries. The tail switch allows for tactical activation control in the most hazardous situations with just a push of the rear button, or a twist for continuos light. Available in 4 colours, including black, green, tan and yellow.

  • Very durable Light Emitting Diode last for thousands of hours with strong light output.
  • Nitrolon polymer aluminum built body for impact and corrosion resistance.
  • Smooth beam of light without spots or rings.
  • Impact resistant window with tempered coating.
  • Tail switch with tactical quick press or twist on feature.
  • Lockout switch prevents accidental activation.
  • Weather proofing.
  • 10year self life high energy batteries included 
  • Manufacturer limited lifetime warranty
  • Variety of colour options
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