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The 1/3 HP submersible utility pump from Superior Pump will move up to 40-Gallons of water per minute.

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UL listed and safe, this pump is made of corrosion resistant thermoplastic and has a powerful, yet energy efficient (4.1 amps) motor for longer life and durability. Equipped with a suction screen on the bottom this utility pump can whisk away water to 1/2 of an Inch from the floor. Also included is a 1 discharge with a removable garden hose adapter for many different applications.

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  • Pump made of corrosion resistant thermoplastic
  • Powerful energy efficient 4.1-amp motor
  • For use in utility applications
  • 10-foot cord
  • Continuous-duty split capacitor motor
  • Corrosion-resistant thermoplastic construction
  • Backed by a one-year limited warranty
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Size Options

  • 1/3 HP 
  • 1/4 HP 
  • 1/5 HP
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Designed for Consistent, Reliable Domestic Use

Ideal for draining standing water from swimming pools, fountains, and flooded basements, the Superior Pump can move up to 30 gallons a minute, whisking away water to an 1/8-inch to the ground. Fully submersible, the Superior Pump features a 10-foot, replaceable, waterproof power cord, and is able to lift water up to 25 feet vertically. It's equipped with a large 1-1/4-inch male iron pipe discharge thread for high capacity pumping, and includes a garden hose adapter for your convenience. With the addition of an optional float switch, the Superior Pump can also be used as a sump pump.

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Continuous-Duty Motor Powers Through Tough Jobs

The Superior Pump showcases a continuous-duty, split capacitor motor for optimal performance. Thermally protected, this high-efficiency, 3.8-amp, 1/4-horsepower motor delivers the power necessary for any tough job.

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Rugged, Compact Design

Durable thermoplastic construction ensures this submersible pump can be used time and again without corroding. With a sleek, compact design, the Superior Pump can fit inside an opening as small as 6 inches. Water intakes on the side and bottom of the pump allow for continuous pumping with clog-resistant suction.

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What's in the Box

  • Utility pump
  • Hose adapter
  • User manual
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • To what height will it pump and how does that affect the pumping speed? I'm looking to pump from basement level to ground level - about 8 feet.

    If you concern about time buy the larger one, but this can do the job also.

  • What is the largest diameter of this pump?

    8" and the best pump I've bought to pump out my back yard flooding and has to pump water 120' to the street with no effort.

  • Can this pump be used for Hydroponics and Aquaponics?


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