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This knife sharpener makes your cutting tasks easy.

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This knife sharpener makes your cutting tasks easy. Whether you are dicing vegetables, slicing meet, carving the Sunday roast, a sharp knife can really help you have an easy time. You don't have to worry about the type of material used on you knives because this sharpener can sharpen even the hardened steel knives. 

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  • You can use it to sharpen any type of knife quickly and easily with diamond precision. It has a strong suction cup mount which helps to make safe for bench use. This feature makes it the ideal sharpener for seniors.
  • It is tiny and portable. This helps to make the knife sharpening process virtually effortless. It is a great choice of sharpener for seniors.
  • The sharpener only removes microscopic amounts of knife metal.
  • The knife is long lasting-it has been made using the tungsten carbide technology.
  • Original and Patented knife sharpener of its kind. Its Patented suction bottom and round design makes it very easy to use.
  • It can convert all your old knives into new. There is no reason to buy new knives. You can use it on kitchen cutlery, gardening shears etc. 
  • The patented design has features that make it superior to all the traditional stone and steel sharpeners. Further, Under 60 sec it sharpens your knives. Scissors, blender blades, bread, hedge shears and everything else that you may want to sharpen will be sharpened quickly too.
  • It is an eco friendly knife sharpening tool.
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long does this product last?

    Based on quality, this product will give years of satisfying results. Remember, you don't have to pull extremely hard to achieve good results. Once your knives are sharp, proper use and care will keep them in optimal condition. Tip: After sharpening your knife with the Sunrise Pro, use a leather strap much like a barber used to on his razor to clean the burrs and make the edge smooth.

  • Does this use batteries or is it manual?

    It is manual. You drive the knife manually through the unit and it shaves of the blade to a nice sharp edge.

  • Does it work on serrated edges?

    Yes on a normal serrated knife but not recommend using it on fine toothed serrated ones.

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