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The Sunday Aaron Ross EX is a mid-range BMX bike similar to the Sunday Aaron Ross AM.

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pedals are perfect, grip your shoe just right

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solid bike, can handle some abuse without anything giving way

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light and nimble enough for freestyling

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smooth overall ride, comfortable for street riding

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paint job is brilliant and eye-catching

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great acceleration for racing, chain can handle a lot of torque

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very difficult to modify, everything is overly secure

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The Sunday Aaron Ross EX is a mid-range BMX bike similar to the Sunday Aaron Ross AM. The main improvement that the EX boasts over the AM is its overall higher quality components; the EX sports more aftermarket Aaron Ross parts, including: Odyssey Spacebar Replica handlebars, Odyssey Aaron Ross grips and Odyssey Aaron Ross tires (the AM sports stock Sunday equivalents). Otherwise, the two bikes sport the same features, including a CRMO Wave DT frame and Odyssey Twisted PC pedals.

The Aaron Ross EX's Odyssey Spacebar Replica handlebars feature a taller 8" bar and narrower box than standard handlebars while still allowing room for brakes (unlike traditional 8" bars). The EX's Odyssey Aaron Ross grips are extremely soft, thick and stretchable while featuring large flat sections for a comfortable grip that is unlikely to come loose under severe strain. Additionally, the Aaron Ross EX's CRMO steel-alloy frame is lightweight and durable, making it ideal for intense BMX use. The Sunday Aaron Ross EX is available in "Grave Green" or "Raw" (chrome brown).


  • Frame: CRMO TT, HT, Wave DT, Dropout and Chainstays, 20.75″ TT, 13.25″ CS, 11.5″ BB, 74.5° HA, 71° SA
  • Fork: Full CRMO, 1pc steerer tube, Integrated Headset Seat
  • Bars: Odyssey Spacebar Replica, Hi-Ten Steel, 8.15″ rise, 12° back, 2° up
  • Sprocket: Sunday 6061 CNC, 25t
  • Pedals: Odyssey Twisted PC
  • Rear tire: Odyssey Aaron Ross, 2.10″
  • Front tire: Odyssey Aaron Ross, 2.35″
  • Grips: Odyssey Aaron Ross
  • Available in "Grave Green" or "Raw" (chrome brown)
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