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Kleine Dreumes Twoo Stroller Seat for Bugaboo Stroller Board

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Setting off with two kids and one pram – your older child plus a younger sibling…. well how do you manage this all as a parent with two (or more) offspring? The baby is in the pram itself, and the eldest is not yet capable of walking very far. A twin/double buggy is very expensive and not easy to maneuver everywhere. One of the simple board attachments is also insufficient as young children are unable, or unhappy to stand for so long. The solution is the stroll-along integrated board + seat. The Kleine Dreumes Twoo board + seat make it possible for you to use your present pram/stroller for much longer, and also have fun doing so! The board seats can be used from the moment the toddler starts walking, usually between one and a half, and two years. The main criteria is that they should be able to sit properly and firmly by themselves. The Twoo meets all the strict safety regulations.

Twoo is a seat which has been specially designed to fit onto the Bugaboo board – it slides easily onto the board. Toddlers are now able to take on longer and more distant journeys, which makes their parents extremely happy. Twoo is suitable for children from around 24 months up to 4 years old (18 kg). They can hold onto the cot/pram seat or to the prams handles, and interact with their baby brother or sister. Bugaboo users can use both products, the Kid-Sit by itself, or the Twoo combined with a Bugaboo board. You can use the Twoo® from the moment your child starts to walk. The child should be able to sit firmly by itself. We advise use of the Twoo® from two years on. The Twoo® is made from a high quality synthetic material and aluminum. It has been subjected to all the rigorous safety tests imposed by the TNO – on its own, together with the board, and also attached to a stroller/pram – and has been given their full approval. The seat is not suitable for children who weigh more than 18 kilograms.

Please note: The Twoo seat fits only on the Bugaboo board from October 2009 and on.

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