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Kleine Dreumes Kid-Sit Toddler Stroller Board and Seat

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Setting off with two kids and one pram – your older child plus a younger sibling…. well how do you manage this all as a parent with two (or more) offspring? The baby is in the pram itself, and the eldest is not yet capable of walking very far. A twin/double buggy is very expensive and not easy to maneuver everywhere. One of the simple board attachments is also insufficient as young children are unable, or unhappy to stand for so long. The solution is the stroll-along integrated board + seat. The Kleine Dreumes Kid-Sit board + seat make it possible for you to use your present pram/stroller for much longer, and also have fun doing so! The board seats can be used from the moment the toddler starts walking, usually between one and a half, and two years. The main criteria is that they should be able to sit properly and firmly by themselves. The Kid-Sit meets all the strict safety regulations.

The Kid-Sit is a stroll-along board and seat for children from around 18 months up to 40 lbs. The Kid-Sit is ingeniously designed, simple to use, and great fun to sit on. The board rests on the back axle, and is held on by simple durable straps. The seat clicks into place on the board, though the board is designed for use on its own as well. The Kid-Sit enables your second child to ride along easily, greatly increasing your mobility.

The Kid-Sit fits almost every stroller, some strollers you need the Kid-Sit Adapter (sold separately)

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