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Stiga Table Hockey

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NHL teams and international teams are interchangeable

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All parts easily replaceable and readily availble

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Official game used in the Table Hockey World Championships

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Officially licensed by the NHL

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  • 3-D players with real hockey team uniforms & logos.
  • 30 NHL Hockey Teams available and 6 International teams.
  • Interchangeable easy "snap-on" toy hockey players.
  • All parts are fully replaceable, your game will last a lifetime.
  • Players can go behind goal into "Gretzky's Office" for superb behind the net plays & passes.
  • Hockey players driven by helical nylon gears & steel rods for superior control.
  • Center player able to go back into the defensive zone.
  • 4 sturdy legs that raise the rink up and provide easier rod access and use.
  • Goalies move from side to side and can stick-handle puck.
  • Goal counters for easy score keeping.
  • REAL plexiglass behind the goals.
  • Puck ejectors in each goal.
  • Three left-handed and two right-handed players.
  • No "dead spots" on the ice, so the action will be nonstop!
  • A sturdy injection-molded rink that will take a hard knock when necessary.
  • Rink boards featuring the logos of all 30 NHL Hockey Teams or advertisements on European boards.
  • Stiga first started making table hockey boards in Sweden in 1957.
  • Overall Dimensions37" long, 19 3/4" wide and 3 1/4" high
  • Ice Surface or Actual Playing Area: 33 1/4" long and 18" wide
  • Team Players: 2 1/4" tall. There are Two Right Hand and Three Left Hand players.
  • Plexiglass (at each end): 2 3/4" tall and 24 1/2" long
  • Puck: 1" in diameter

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