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It features an outdoor playhouse, slide, "steering wheel, " and 2 attached swings for hours of fun.

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This Step2 PLay Up Gym set features an outdoor playhouse, slide, "steering wheel," and 2 attached swings. The set comes with ground anchors to secure the swing set to the ground. Maximum weight limit is about 240 pounds (109 kg). Adult assembly required. 

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  • The steps for climbing into the raised playhouse help children with their balance and coordination and the slide allows for an easy exit
  • Durable poly construction
  • Limit four children on the Play Up Gym Set
  • Maximum weight limit: 240 lbs (109 kg)
  • Intended for family and domestic outdoor use only over proper surfacing
  • Adult assembly required
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • At what age would a child outgrow this?

    The age range for this set is 3-6, and I bought it right before my twins turned 6. Unfortunately, neither of them were able to stand fully upright inside the little hut, which I measured at about 42" floor to ceiling. At the same time, neither of them were tall enough to get into the swings by themselves, either.

    I would say that the upper age of 6 is overly generous for this set, and to be prepared to either buy longer rope for the swings or to help your little one get in and out of the swings every time.

  • With being outside in the Florida sun will the color fade?

    I can't answer about Florida sun, as we live in NY, but ours has been up for a year and it looks great. Our son loves it! It's been up through a hot summer, a snowy winter, and a lot of rainy days. I haven't noticed any fading, and we took the swings in for the winter (we also have a separately purchased infant swing for now). Last summer I had to remove the beginnings of what I think was an intended bee or wasps' nest on the underside of the "canopy", which I'll be checking again this year. Nothing to do with the set itself, of course, but worth mentioning since I'm writing about it.

  • Wondering if the swings can be removed and baby swings put in their place?

    Yes, we removed one swing and put up a baby swing. It is very easy to do. My only complaint is the clubhouse part where they can climb up to the slide or play with the steering wheel. The steering wheel is hooked onto a bar, so it's open on the top and bottom. My son, when he was 1.5 years old, leaned over the steering wheel bar and fell over the top. When he landed he must have hit his head because he had a grass stain. I took hom to the doctor as I was scared to let him nap. He could have been hurt really badly, but we got lucky and he was not. Wish th was a solid wall without openings. Other than that, I've been happy with it.

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