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The Step2 Skyward Summit will keep your little climber busy for hours.

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Little adventurers can explore and discover from the peak of the summit. Authentic design makes this climber look like a real rock climbing wall. Four unique climbing surfaces create varying challenges.

Features two climbing cargo nets, one floor net and 12 grips. Narrow top offers a challenging climb for children. Hole on top for children to peek out. Mounting hardware included. Adult assembly required. Made in U.S.A.

The Skyward Summit™ is the perfect climber for active kids who enjoy climbing walls or rock wall adventures. Teach your children to play while getting plenty of exercise on this outdoor rock climbing jungle gym. The bottom is a perfect place for hiding or taking a break after climbing fun. Cargo nets and grips will promote coordination, balance, and strength during active play. Perfect for multiple child use, this kids rock climbing wall has an authentic design reaching over 6.5 feet tall (80 inches/2.03 m) and gives your children over 100 square feet (9.29 square meters) of outer climbing area!

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  • Designed with four unique climbing surfaces to give children a variety of challenges
  • Features 2 climbing cargo nets, 1 floor net and 9 grips
  • Your child can peak out a hole at the peak of the summit
  • Limit 4 children (maximum weight 320 lbs.); Limit 1 child on platform (maximum weight 80 lbs.)
  • Adult Supervision Recommended
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does it have to be assembled?

    Yes! Extremely difficult and directions not super clear. Hubby and friend spent 4 hrs on it. But it's worth it. Sturdy and built to last even our terrible winter!

  • Can you attach a slide to this unit? Has step 2 considered doing this? what kind of slide can you attach?

    There is no place to attach slid currently. Great idea though. My kids love this though!!! My children are 6&4. We purchased it when my oldest was 5.

  • How does it get anchored if indoors?

    It cannot be anchored indoors. That said, the anchoring doesn't seem terribly necessary. Its dimensions make it very bottom heavy. Even when I have climbed on it myself (a medium-sized adult) it has never seemed unsteady or like it would tip.

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