The Stanton M. 207 is an upper-range 2 channel mixer built with effect and looping features.

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The Stanton M.207 is an upper-range 2 channel mixer built with effect and looping features. In addition to a durable steel body, the mixer includes features only found in top range mixers such as a Soft Start that avoids creating any noise when powering on and off. A number of digital effects, such as flange and strobe, are fully integrated and can be accessed in real-time with an FXGlide control. The effects can also be sequenced so that FXGlide moves are recorded for later recall. The built-in sampler can store and loop up to 5 different samples. The channels each have a 3 band EQ and a complete -64dB kill, with both phono and line inputs. The replaceable Alpha fader is reversible and has an adjustable curve to suit the user's preference. Outputs include professional 1/4 in balanced outputs as well as RCA outputs that can be used as mains or for recording. 

  • 2-channel mixer
  • Black/gray color scheme, blue LED accents
  • Rugged steel design
  • Soft Start
  • Integrated digital effects
  • FXGlide control
  • Built-in phrase/loop sampler
  • Built in sequencer
  • Adjustable fader curves and fader reverse
  • 2 phono/line inputs with fader start
  • 3-band EQ per channel with complete KILL(-64dB)
  • Pre, Post & Master Headphone cueing
  • Mic and AUX inputs
  • 1/4 in balanced and RCA main/record outputs
  • 45 mm crossfader, Alpha fader pre-mounted, replaceable
  • 2 10-segment LED ladder meters
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