Supreme Commander 2 is a real-time strategy (RTS) video game for the PC and XBox 360.

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Supreme Commander 2 is a real-time strategy (RTS) video game for the PC and XBox 360 that allows players to build armies of robotic soldiers and units and command them in combat against a computer or human opponent online.  Players choose one of three different factions to control at the beginning of the game, each with their own unique technology, units, and weaponry.

Players start each mission building mass extractors and power generators to produce resources that allow you to construct and upgrade your army units and base.  Supreme Commander 2 is more user-friendly, less complex, and faster paced than its prequel, Supreme Commander.  You can research technology, and build, upgrade, and deploy units faster.  Players can build infantry, airborne, or navy units, as well as experimental heavy weapons such as large walking robots and nuclear missiles.  This game can be played single player against the computer but is designed primarily for multiplayer online.

Supreme Commander 2 has received favourable ratings and is accessible to casual players, but might not satisfy hardcore RTS fans.  This game is available for PC, XBox 360, and in development for Mac OS X.



  • play alone against computer or against 1 - 8 players online
  • choose one on one to four on four, or free for all in online play
  • three character driven story lines in single player game
  • command land, air, and naval units from three different army factions
  • research new technologies to create new military units and upgrade existing ones
  • unlock and build huge, devastating experimental units and weapons
  • streamlined resource and upgrade systems allow a deep but fast paced experience
  • intuitive command and deployment system allows you to keep track of several battles at once
  • strategic zoom and command interface make battle and building management easy
  • over 20 maps to wage war on
  • available for PC and XBox 360
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