With this ultra-aerodynamic umbrella you can be shaded in style.

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With this ultra-aerodynamic umbrella you can be shaded in style. Easily attach the heavy-duty clamp of the Versa-Brella to any round or square surface and instantly add maximum sun protection to every activity. Table, chair, bleacher, stroller, golf cart, boat…you name it, you can shade it.

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  • 360º swivel for complete sun protection in any direction
  • UPF 50+ lining for maximum sun protection
  • Ultra-aerodynamic umbrella
  • Heavy-duty clamp opens up to 1.5” for a secure fit
  • Attaches to both tubular and squared surfaces
  • 4-way swiveling umbrella
  • Universal clamp connects to most surfaces
  • Folds down together for compact transportation in included carry bag
  • Swivels on two push button hinges for easy adjustment
  • Includes protective eye safety tips & carry bag
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Color Options

  • Firebrick Red
  • Midnight Blue
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can you use this with a Kayak?

    Yes. You would have to put it behind you so you have room in front of you.

  • Will this clamp on to a mountain bike & work to keep me dry whilst cycling?

    The clamp has a pretty big range so it should attach. About staying dry depends on how much rain, direction, wind and your speed.

  • What is the length of pole?

    The actual pole is 31" but then there's the length of the clamp as well. If you adjust the clamp back to make it as short as possible for packing, it's about 33" long total.

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