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The Sony Xplod MEX-BT2600 is an audio car receiver released by Sony in 2008, with a $170 price tag.

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Bluetooth connectivity provides excellent wireless audio playback - iPhones and other compatible media players can be used to stream high-quality seamless content

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MP3 CD support is a major selling point - allows users to play back several folders worth of music within a single disc for economic convenience

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Auxiliary input enables full-quality connectivity of any 1/8" output audio device - very easy to configure for optimal playback results

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Music is automatically diverted when an incoming call is detected - greatly simplifies the user control experience for both convenience and safety

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Integrated Bluetooth microphone works very well - users are clearly audible amongst city street and freeway driving applications alike

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Volume knob is fairly shallow in profile - some users may find it difficult to quickly and accurately adjust playback level

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Dimming features only lowers display brightness - lighted hardware controls remain at stock brightness level, rendering the feature somewhat pointless

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Not compatible with external microphones or headsets - may cause issues amongst users with noisy vehicles or quieter voices who are used to dedicated headsets

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The Sony Xplod MEX-BT2600 is an audio car receiver released by Sony in 2008, with a $170 price tag. It has a built-in bluetooth hands free calling interface with a built-in microphone and good call quality. It has a wide range of of supported audio formats including bluetooth audio, MP3, WMA, and is compatible with satellite and HD radio. There is an internal amplifier and much variations can be applied to the music with preset tone curves and 3-band equalizer. There are two sets of preamp outputs for amp additions or a power sub. It also has a detachable faceplate and a remote control. Surprisingly, even though this piece is also $10 more expensive than the Sony CDX-GT630UI, it doesn't have a USB connection whereas that one does. 

  • CD receiver with built-in amplifier (17 watts RMS CEA-2006/52 peak x 4 channels)
  • Bluetooth wireless connectivity works with compatible cell phones, music players, and more
  • Bluetooth features include hands-free calling, integrated microphone, high-quality audio streaming, and control of compatible equipment (no phone book transfer or Caller ID)
  • plays CDs, CD-Rs, and CD-RWs, including discs loaded with MP3 and WMA music files
  • detachable faceplate
  • remote control
  • EQ3 3-band equalizer with preset sound curves
  • compatible with Sony's iPod® adapter, HD Radio™ tuner, and satellite radio (tuner, antenna, and subscription required)
  • inputs: front auxiliary input
  • outputs: 4-channel preamp outputs (front, rear/sub)
  • compatible with most factory steering wheel audio controls (adapter required)
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