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The Sony Xplod MEX-BT2500 is a mid-range car audio head unit.

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buttons are nicely laid out, makes it easy to use while driving

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callers can hear you and you can hear them

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lots of power out of the 4 main outputs, can easily drive mid-range aftermarket speakers

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sound quality from CD or radio is excellent, very good detail and makes the most of OEM speakers

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installation is fairly easy for anyone with moderate experience with car electronics

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good labeling on the buttons, don't have to read the manual to figure out what does everything

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single-line display doesn't provide info on what's happening through the Bluetooth connection

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beeps 3 times loudly when you take the key out of the ignition unless you take the faceplate off - kind of annoying

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Bluetooth music playback is distorted and sounds wrong

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The Sony Xplod MEX-BT2500 is a mid-range car audio head unit. It outputs 52 watts of power on four separate channels, although no pre-amp is included in this model. This model includes a Bluetooth interface with mobile devices, allowing for hands-free speakerphone functionality as well as streaming audio from Bluethooth enabled audio devices. The front panel also includes an AUX port, enabling compatibility with a large number of devices. When playing a CD loaded with MP3 files the ID3Tag Indication is displayed, showing the title, artist and album information. 

  • 52w x 4 high-power outputs
  • Detachable face plate
  • Bluetooth hands-free speakerphone
  • Front Panel Aux In
  • Multi-format playback
  • CD, CD-R/RW, MP3
  • Displays MP3 ID3Tag Indication (Title/Artist/Album)
  • Wireless Card Remote (RM-X304) included
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