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The Sony Xplod DSX-S200X is a mid-range digital media receiver for use with vehicles.

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fills out the sound of compressed audio, gives a full and rich feel

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searching functions allow quick sorting of large collections of titles

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output is loud enough for most purposes even without further amplification

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stylish design, looks very cool and sleek

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reads from storage devices very quickly

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shows complete ID3 information for each track

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display shows a large amount of information

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NO M3U Playlist Soppurt for USB Key Drives

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The Sony Xplod DSX-S200X is a mid-range digital media receiver for use with vehicles. This product features what Sony calls a USB “Tune Tray,” a device to hold a compatible iPod behind the Xplod’s flip-down faceplate. The unit’s screen is capable of displaying up to 4 lines of text, which is useful for reading song titles and other information. Sony has included their proprietary search technology, Quick-BrowZer, in order to find music by artist, album, genre, song or playlist. Also included is the manufacturer’s SensMe application, which is designed to organize music into playlists to match the user’s mood. This product houses an internal 52W x 4 power amplifier, however it’s also compatible with an external amp. Satellite/HD radio and RDS is compatible with the Sony Xplod DSX-S200X. A wireless remote, USB connector for iPod and installation parts are included in the box.

  • Flip-down face with front USB input
  • Integrated Tune Tray
  • 4-line OEL illuminated display
  • iPod compatible
  • Dual USB inputs
  • Quick-BrowZer search
  • SensMe mood application
  • Satellite/HD radio
  • 52W x 4 amplifier built-in
  • Wireless remote
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01/19/2012 05:02

any one have the back side of the player

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