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The Sony Xplod CDX-M30 is a higher end marine audio head unit.

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plays burned or scratched CDs without any problems

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full set of pre-amps are well powered and ideal for expansion with other amps

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nice iPod interface that makes it pretty easy to browse

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enough power output to work with some aftermarket speakers without needing a separate amp

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color coding on the wiring makes the setup really easy for anyone to handle

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clean and clear sound to OEM speakers, sounds great on everything

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pivoting connection of the faceplate to the body looks a little flimsy

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The Sony Xplod CDX-M30 is a higher end marine audio head unit. It is similar in many ways to the Sony Xplod CDX-M10, but is fully iPod Control ready which, with an optional adapter, allows full control of the iPod through the front panel. Pre-amps for the front and rear have been added in addition to the one for the subwoofer, and a wireless card remote is now also included. This unit plays CDs, MP3s and WMAs, and has a front AUX input to enable the use of a wide variety of portable media. A UV coating prevents sun damage and the conformal circuit board is treated to resist damage from water, salt, and other contaminants.

  • Front auxiliary input w/ cap
  • CD, MP3, WMA compatible
  • iPod Control ready (with optional XA-120IP)
  • SAT Radio ready
  • Detachable faceplate
  • UV coating and a conformal circuit board
  • Front, Rear and Sub Pre-amp output
  • EQ3 Stage 2, DSO2 and 52 Watts x 4 High Power
  • Wireless card remote (RM-X151) included
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