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This Sony XAV-622 offers all around in-car entertainment with high quality audio and visual output.

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excellent pre-amp audio quality, output is crisp and detailed

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Bluetooth connectivity is instant, barely any wait for synch if any

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screen is high-resolution and provides a sharp, easy to view picture - leaves nothing to be desired

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equalizer offers a good degree of control over the shape of the sound

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touchscreen interface is responsive and easy to work with, can pretty much always hit the item you're looking for

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menu navigation is a little cumbersome, options tend to be buried deep in sub-menus

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outputs a lot of heat during normal operation

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USB port is front-facing only, no way to keep things neat and tidy

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This Sony XAV-622 offers all around in-car entertainment with high quality audio and visual output. With a DVD player, HD radio and USB for connecting iPOD/iPhone/Walkman/MP3 player as standard, this device is packed with features to help pass the time on any journey.

All video information is displayed on a 6.1" WVGA touchscreen with 800x480 resolution, giving clarity to DVDs and provding easy to use controls on all functions. This A/V centre has front USB and auxilliary inputs making it possible to connect most portable audio devices into the vehicle's stereo system. It is also possible to view audio/video from iPod/iPhones using an extra cable (sold separately). The XAV-622 is Satellite Radio/HD Radio ready and will receive satellite and HD stations when used with the correct tuners. With extras like SensMe, EQ7 equaliser and intuitive search features, this Sony Head Unit will add style and performance to any stereo system.

  • 6.1" WVGA touchscreen
  • 800x480 resolution
  • DVD/CD player
  • front USB and auxilliary inputs
  • iPod/iPhones video compatible
  • Satellite Radio/HD Radio ready
  • SensMe App Music Channels
  • Advanced Sound Engine
  • Intuitive search features
  • Dimensions (Approx.) : 7.125 x 4 x 6.75" (w/h/d)
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06/27/2013 04:14

Sound is excellent. Display is clear and crisp. Connecting my back-up camera was easy. My kids use their MP3 players with ease and no complaints. The touch screen is not very responsive and not accurate. It is common to touch a button and get no action or get action on the button next to it. Menus are very slow. The transitions between menus are glacial. Menu system is difficult to navigate with options hard to find among the various menu items. The screen automatically dims at night, but is still too bright at night with no way to dim it manually.

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