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It has rear/sub selectable pre-outs, front auxilary input, 2-volt front and EQ3 stage 2.

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large tactile controls are easy to navigate, volume knob gives a smooth and solid click feedback

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included remote provides full control, even over connected iPod's library and functions

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easy enough to install for first-time installers

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plenty of power for after-market speakers, and pre-outs for later expansion

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button labeling is gray on black, difficult to see in the daylight

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iPod navigation is awkward if you want to browse by anything other than Albums, requires multiple button presses just to get the track lists up right

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"next" and "up" buttons easy to confuse or accidentally hit one but hit the other instead, do completely different things

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 The Sony WX-GT77UI is a double din designed head unit with a 2-line round LCD display and a front USB 1-wire for iPhone, iPod, Walkman, and other music players. It has rear/sub selectable pre-outs, front auxilary input, 2-volt front and EQ3 stage 2. The Sony WX-GT77UI has profile support for HPF, A2DP and AVRCP. It uses the Sony ZAPPIN function that allows the consumer to find the tune they're looking for just by playing a clip of each track in the collection, so that the driver can search for music using their ears instead of their eyes. The Sony WX-GT77UI has a few other of Sony's features, such as Quick-BrowZer, Jump Mode, Passenger Control and DM+.

  • ZAPPIN function for safe music searching
  • Quick BrowZer
  • DRIVE-S feature for a durable CD drive
  • Front USB 1-wire for iPhones, iPods and other music players
  • Front AUX-IN 
  • Jump Mode
  • Passenger Control
  • Sat Radio and HD Radio Ready
  • HPF, A2DP, and AVRCP Profile Support
  • EQ3 State 2
  • 2-volt front
  • Rear/Sub Selectable Pre-outs
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