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The front faceplate can be flipped down to reveal the tune tray, along with an included iPod adapter.

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iPod controls are logical and easy, mirror using an iPod directly

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includes both rear and front USB ports to allow semi-permanent iPod connections out of sight

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remote gives good control of the unit, includes iPod controls

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installation is very easy, requires just a general comfort with electrics

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no CD player built in, radio and USB ports only

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iPod connection causes some interference with the radio

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front panel button layout is a bit unusual, takes awhile to learn

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The Sony DSX-S100 is a digital media receiver / head unit lacking a CD mechanism, but instead outfitted with an integrated, mechanical Tune Tray compartment for securely storing an iPod or MP3 player. The front faceplate can be flipped down to reveal the tune tray, along with an included iPod adapter. And featured on the faceplate is a simple 2-line, fluorescent LCD display and a front-positioned auxiliary input jack. Even though it doesn't support CDs, the DSX-S100 does include Satellite Radio / HD Radio compatibility (adapter required); built-in front, rear, and sub selectable pre-outs for customizing audio components; and MP3/WMA playback with Digital Music Plus (DM+), a custom Sony codec that supposedly enhances compressed audio quality.

  • Digital Media Receiver
  • Integrated iPod/MP3 Tune Tray
  • Included iPod Adapter
  • Flip-Down Face w/Front Auxiliary Input
  • Quick-BrowZer w/Jump Mode
  • Radio Data System (RDS)
  • ZAPPIN 6/9/30-Second Playback
  • Wireless Card Remote
  • Selectable Pre-Outs
  • Satellite/HD Radio Compatibility
  • Digital Music Plus Codec
  • Reminder Alert
  • Two-Line LCD Display
  • Color: Dark Titanium
  • Max Power Output: 52W x 4
  • Tilt Range: 45 Degrees
  • Digital-to-Analog Converter: 24bit
  • Format Compatibility: MP3/WMA with DM+
  • 12V Trigger Output
  • Aerial Antenna Input Terminal
  • Front Auxiliary Input
  • Digital Audio Input
  • Infrared Wireless
  • RCA Audio Output
  • Remote Jack
  • Full-Speed USB
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