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It is a CD tuner and comes with USB and AUX-IN connections for portable music players.

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LCD display design is easier to read, especially in sunlight, than many competitors' models

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Aux input is a great feature at this price, can connect to any portable media easily

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Slightly more powerful than the typical 50W per channel head unit (52 here)

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Playback fades in when the unit is powered on, effectively eliminating ever being surprised or shocked when starting car

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Button layout is convenient and close to driver's side, limits reaching

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Simple installation, due in part to clearly descriptive included instructions

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Remote control is not backlit

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Manufacturer's EQ presets have confusing names and it's hard to tell the differences between them

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 The Sony CDX GT430U head unit is a relatively inexpensive device that is compatible with all of Sony's latest audio technologies - a great thing for a consumer who wants to buy cheap now and add on to the capabilities later. It is a CD tuner and comes with USB and AUX-IN connections for portable music players. It uses the Sony ZAPPIN function that allows the consumer to find the tune they're looking for just by playing a clip of each track in the collection, this way the driver can search for music using their ears instead of their eyes. It has twin pre-outs that can be connected to an external amplifier. The Sony CDX GT430U uses a 52W x4 S-MOSFET amp.

  • 52W x4 S-MOSFET amp
  • ZAPPIN function for safe music searching
  • Quick BrowZer
  • DRIVE-S feature for a durable CD drive
  • Twin pre-outs
  • Front USB
  • Front AUX-IN 
  • Supports CD-R/RW, mp3, WMA, AAC
  • Frequency Response: 10-20,000 Hz
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