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This 4K HDR television offers breathtaking picture quality in a super thin design.

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Super slim design

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Amazing colors

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With the ingenious Slim Backlight Drive, this 4K HDR television offers breathtaking picture quality in a super thin design.

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  • HEVC/VP9 decoding for watching streamed 4K video sources like Netflix, Amazon Instant Video, and YouTube
  • DIRECTV 4K Ready – DIRECTV subscribers with the Genie Whole-Home HD DVR can enjoy 4K service and full DVR features without an additional receiver
  • 3D capability – active 3D glasses sold separately
  • Motionflow XR 960 for blur reduction
  • PlayStation Now allows for PS3 game streaming
  • Netflix Recommended TV – This certification makes it easier for consumers to know which manufacturers HDTV’s work best with its streaming video service
  • 802.11ac dual-band Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi Direct capability
  • Web browser
  • Four 7.5 watt built-in down-firing speakers
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Uncover the detail with 4K HDR

A High Dynamic Range (HDR)-compatible TV will change the way you look at TV. Combined with 4K Ultra HD resolution, HDR video content delivers exceptional detail, color and contrast, with a far wider range of brightness than other video formats. The result is the most lifelike picture TVs have ever been able to create, with brilliant highlights and fine detail.

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Capturing the full range of dark and light

By precisely balancing the light output across the screen, dimming some areas and boosting others, X-tended Dynamic Range PRO reveals a brightness range three times that of a conventional LED-backlit TV. When combined with an HDR signal you’ll experience even greater brilliance in every scene as it increases the quality of HDR with finely-gradated bands of color and more vibrant hues.

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More colors, depth and realism

Colors are as rich and vivid as nature’s own thanks to the TRILUMINOS Display with more shades of red, green and blue than ever before. You’ll enjoy vibrant, authentic images that evoke the emotion in every scene. When combined with HDR video, TRILUMINOS Display further increases the color depth for noticeably brighter and more realistic colors.

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Adding 4K magic into every scene

The 4K Processor X1 ensures everything you watch - movies, sports, and streaming video – looks the best it possibly can. Color, contrast and clarity are all optimized based on what you are watching.

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Every scene looks more realistic.

Discover a thrilling world of extraordinary clarity. Every single pixel is enhanced beautifully by our most powerful 4K picture processing technology ever. Individual parts of each scene are analyzed and matched with a special image database that independently addresses texture, contrast, color, and edges. The difference is clear with supremely lifelike detail, no matter what you're watching.

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Hangs like a picture

With uncompromising pictures and a super slim design, it upgrades your living room and demands to be admired. Mount it close on the wall like a picture frame, while the flush finish with no raised bezel provides a near invisible edge. The gold inlay accent stripe adds a level of sophistication to your room.

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Motionflow keeps the action smooth

TV that keeps up with real life. Sony’s refresh rate technology (Motionflow XR 960) allows fast moving action sequences in sports and movies to be seen with lifelike clarity.

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A world of possibilities

Find all the entertainment you can dream of, faster than ever. From movies and TV shows to thousands of apps, Sony’s Android TV brings you everything in an instant.

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Just say what you want

Spend less time browsing, and more time watching. Voice search on Android TV provides you with the power of Google search, allowing you to find content across different services without the hassle of time-consuming text entry.

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Send to a bigger, better screen with Google Cast

Send movies and music from your smartphone to your TV with Google Cast. Use your phone as a remote control.

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Your favorite apps, on your TV

Enjoy a huge range of apps from Google Play, including YouTube, Netflix, Amazon Video, Hulu, Pandora and more. Also, play your favorite Android games on the big screen.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does android TV include the app for Vudu on this sony?


  • Does the power brick install flush in the back of the unit or is it downstream from the tv along the power cord?

    There is a giant brick and you're going to need to find a way to hide it if you want to wall mount this TV. If you use the Sony mount, there is precious little room between the TV and the wall so don't think about putting the brick there. We are lucky there is a utility room behind the wall where we are mounted the TV so the brick is in that room and the low V line from the brick comes through the wall to the TV.

  • What audio out does this TV have?

    It has the following audio out ports: Audio Out, Digital Audio Output, Headphone Output, HDMI and Subwoofer Out.

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