Step up to an Android TV with four times more clarity than HD and expanded color.

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Step up to an Android TV with four times more clarity than HD and expanded color. Everything you watch - sports, TV shows, movies - is upscaled for 4K Ultra HD viewing. Even 4K streaming is enhanced to maximize picture quality. For the ultimate smart TV experience cast your favorite entertainment apps using Google Cast.

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More color, depth and realism

All the colors you dream of can now be seen on your Sony TV with TRILUMOS + X1 technology. Colors come alive on the screen in the widest color range ever, and dynamic color correction ensures colors are as consistent and accurate as possible every single time.

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Upscale everything you watch to 4K Ultra HD

Whatever you’re watching, watch it in 4K. All of your existing HD sports, TV shows and movies are upscaled to super clear 4K quality. Our most advanced 4K X-Reality PRO upscaling is developed from Sony’s 10+ years of experience upscaling to 4K, exceeding all other TV brands.

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A smarter TV

So much more than just ‘Smart TV,’ Android TV delivers great content, streaming apps and Android games to your TV. Voice search and personalized recommendations make for effortless entertainment.

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4K Ultra HD Picture Quality

A huge step forward in 4K Ultra HD picture quality, High Dynamic Range (HDR) reproduces a wider range of brightness levels than conventional video, bringing greater color and contrast to the screen. It’s a picture that is much closer to reality.

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4K streaming at its best

For those who desire the best 4K streaming experience, Sony 4K TVs are specifically engineered to recognize and improve 4K streaming video. 4K Streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Instant Video offer expansive libraries of movies and original TV series in 4K Ultra HD with ultimate convenience.

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More apps

The things you love doing on your tablet or smartphone can now be enjoyed on your TV. Log into your Google account once to access a huge collection of apps, games, movies, TV shows and more from Google Play.

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Just say what you want

Say “Action Movies” or “Today’s Weather” and let Android TV do the work. Voice search helps you quickly find what you want. Simply speak into the One-Flick remote or your compatible mobile phone.

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Google Cast

With Google Cast built-in you can cast your favorite entertainment like HBO GO, Showtime Anytime, and more from your personal device to the big screen. You can cast from your Android phone or tablet, iPhone, iPad, Mac or Windows laptop or Chromebook.

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Your personalized TV

Personalized content recommendations from Google Play, YouTube and supported apps appear automatically in your home screen.

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Stream PS3 games directly to your TV

Bring the immersive world of PlayStation directly to your TV with PlayStation Now. Play select PlayStation 3 games like you stream TV shows and movies – streamed directly to your TV. Connect a DUALSHOCK 4 controller to your TV and choose from a variety of game rental periods.

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So much to see in 4K

Hundreds of movies and TV shows are available from the top 4K service providers, including Netflix, Amazon Instant Video, YouTube, DirecTV video on demand and more.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What's the difference between xbr x850c & xbr x900c?

    The major differences between the two models is that XBR-55X900C is very thin, 0.2 inches on its sides and has what we call Vanishing Edge™ screen. Its a TV that is almost bezel free edge.

  • This is labeled as an hdr tv by sony. does it meet the new ultra hd premium standard and will be labeled as such in the future?

    This tv is marked as HDR compatible. It does not carry the Ultra HD premium standard logo as it does not meet 100% of the specifications. The UHD Alliance has minimum specifications that define a Ultra High-Definition (UHD) experience. TV's which meet the performance metrics can carry a "Ultra HD Premium" logo from the UHDA for promotional and marketing purposes.

  • What size of bolts we have to use to attach monitor brackets to TV?

    M6 bolts, 8 mm to 12 mm length, not supplied. Need four. Can find at local hardware store.

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