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The BRAVIA KDS-55A3000 is a discontinued, 55" rear-projection HDTV from Sony.

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enough inputs not to need a receiver in most homes

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menu is easy to navigate, can always find what you're looking for quickly

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color depth is as impressive as a plasma TV, very realistic and capable of vibrant colors

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bright enough for almost any context

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120Hz mode takes out all the noise around moving objects and makes everything look extremely real

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contrast is very good, black is displayed completely black instead of grey

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need to wait a minute for the lamp to warm up when you turn it on

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takes a little tweaking to get the picture right

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 The BRAVIA KDS-55A3000 is a discontinued, 55" rear-projection HDTV from Sony. It utilizes the same SXRD technology – three separate panels for red, green, and blue – as Sony's more expensive XRB rear-projection units. In features, the KDS-55A3000 is essentially identical to Sony's 50" KDS-50A3000 ($200 less) and 60" 60A3000 ($200 more). Motionflow 120Hz technology uses real-time calculation to double the number of frames in 60Hz content, while x.v.Color technology enables more accurate color reproduction. The Advanced Iris function aims to improve contrast in varied room lighting conditions. Digital Reality Creation, included in the unit's BRAVIA Engine EX video processor, can upconvert 480i content to HD.


  • 55" 1080p display
  • Rear-projection technology
  • Motionflow 120Hz
  • 12-bit SXRD chip
  • BRAVIA Engine EX video processing
  • Digital Reality Creation Multi Function SD upconversion
  • v.x.Color
  • Advanced Iris technology
  • XMB user interface
  • Dolby Digital
  • 2.5ms response time
  • 2 HDMI v1.3 inputs
  • PC, component, composite, S-video, digital audio connectivity

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