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The Sony WEGA KLV32S400A is a 32" multi-system dual voltage LCD HDTV offered by Sony.

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tuner works with a wide range of standards

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speaker output is above average for an LCD TV, can get pretty loud

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fast response, quick enough for use with gaming consoles

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wide variety of input types available, works well with a direct PC input

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takes awhile to get the picture adjusted the way you like

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limited to 720p, which at this size begins to be noticeable and won't work in native mode with Blu-ray players

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doesn't get very accurate colors, has a tendency to look washed out

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The Sony WEGA KLV32S400A is a 32" multi-system dual voltage LCD HDTV offered by Sony. This television can be used nearly anywhere in the world with NTSC/PAL/SECAM Color System tuners and European 110V/50Hz or North American 120V/60Hz operation. It offers 480p or 480i resolution for DVD and 1080i, 720p, 480p or 480i resolution for a digital set-top box. There are thre HDMI inputs, component video input and a PC input for plenty of HD connectivity. It also has the ability to play blu-ray movies at 24 frames per second giving you true cinema quality reproduction images. The motion flow processor allows for a better display of sports, action movies or other fast movine images and the 10-bit video panel reproduces colors naturally. The WEGA GATE function allows you to select 8 of your favorite channels and provides easy navigation through other useful TV functions.  There is also a built in V-Chip for parental controls and it also has the ability for closed captioning.

  • Flat Panel Type:   LCD TV 
  • Screen Size:   32 inch 
  • Contrast Ratio:   1,800:1 
  • Display Resolution:   1366 x 768 pixels 
  • HDCP Support:  With HDCP Support 
  • Weight:  30.86 lb. 
  • Playable File Formats:  MPEG1 
  • Broadcast Format Displayed:  720p (HDTV) • 480p (EDTV) • 480i (SDTV) 
  • Broadcast Format Supported:   1080i (HDTV) • 720p (HDTV) • 480p (EDTV) • 480i (SDTV) 
  • Built-in Tuner:   NTSC • PAL • SECAM 
  • Native Aspect Ratio:   16:9, 4:3 
  • Aspect Ratio:   Standard (4:3) 
  • Display Resolution:   1366 x 768 pixels 
  • Viewing Angle:   178 
  • Headphone Jack
  • Audio Type:   Virtual Surround 
  • Number of Speakers:  2 Speakers 
  • Speaker Power:  2 x 10 Watt 
  • Picture in Picture 
  • Remote Control:   Standard 
  • OSD Languages:  English • Arabic • Chinese • Thai • Persian 
  • Width:  31.85 in. 
  • Depth:  3.9 in. 
  • Height:  21.34 in. 
  • Weight:  30.86 lb. 
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