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The Sony KDL-40W3000 is a 40 inch high-def television with a 1080p native resolution display.

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installation process from opening the box to turning it on is only a few minutes, very easy

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good variety of input types for different kinds of signals

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menu navigation is very easy and comfortable to work with daily

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colors are realistic and very true-to-life by default

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needs firmware update to correct green glow in dark areas

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refresh rate is too low for fast-moving subjects, noticeable blurring

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analog signals look better on non-HD televisions, noticeable drop in quality

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The Sony KDL-40W3000 is a 40 inch high-def television with a 1080p native resolution display. The W3000 series of televisions is part of Sony's 2007 line of HDTVs and is a step up from the S3000 series, and a step below the XBR4s. The biggest upgrade from the S3000 series is the change to a native 1080p resolution display, from the S3000's 720p resolution. Sony includes additional features to justify the extra cost, including increased color depth of 10-bit, and support for higher quality video sources, namely x.v.Color and 1080p/24Hz. The x.v.Color support isn't a significant factor to the television because there are very few sources that can deliver a proper signal. The 24p support may be important, however there are no display options that are a direct multiple of 24, therefore the television still has to perform a 3:2 pull down conversion which may cause artifacts.

Feature list
  • 40" LCD panel at 1080p native resolution
  • XMB interface
  • Picture-in-Picture with freeze frame
  • Inputs: 3 x HDMI, 3 x Component, 1 x VGA, 2 x Composite, 1 x S-Video, 1 x RF
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03/02/2009 07:09

The known green glow in dark area's can be fixed by a firmware update. If you still see this TV around shops, I suggest you go for it's follow up the W4000/W4100

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