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The KDL-40S3000 is an LCD based high-definition television that is part of Sony's 2007 line-up.

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Slick menu interface

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Good standard definition performance

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Very good picture quality

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A lot of convenient options

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Nice formfactor

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1 fewer HDMI input than average

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Reports of "clouding" issues where brightness is uneven across the screen

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More expensive than average

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The KDL-40S3000 is an LCD based high-definition television that is part of Sony's 2007 line-up. The S3000 sets are part of Sony's more economical budget line, and feature a native 720p picture, and all the usual features found on a mid-level HDTV. Sony does provide a few more adjustability options than average when it comes to aspect ratios, but lacks any fine-tuning adjustment over color temperature, limiting you to four preset choices. One major differentiating feature that Sony is touting over the competition is the use of its XMB (Cross Media Bar) interface made popular on the PSP and PS3 consoles.

Feature list
  • 40" LCD panel at 720p native resolution
  • XMB interface
  • Picture-in-Picture with freeze frame
  • Inputs: 2 x HDMI, 3 x Component, 1 x VGA, 2 x Composite, 1 x S-Video, 1 x RF

All video that doesn't come in the set's native 720 resolution will be automatically scaled, including 1080p content through the HDMI port. It's unknown whether the television accepts 1080p over component as some televisions are able to do. The VGA input can receive a process a maximum resolution of 1366x768.

The freeze frame functionality is a unique feature that Sony is introducing in its 2007 line of televisions. At any point during a broadcast you can press the "freeze" button which will take a screenshot of the current image on the screen and show it in a separate window while the live recording is still playing. The idea is that phone numbers and recipes that don't show on the screen for long enough can now be saved and copied with no pressure.

Post Review
01/23/2008 05:58

I picked this TV up for my parents (on their CC of course :P) for an amazing deal. In fact I got it BELOW cost. BOOYA! Any opportunity to screw the man I will take. As for the TV itself, it's pretty damn sweet. I used to not care so much about the external styling of a TV, it's all about the picture, but the slick bezel and clean lines DO make an impression. I also really like the menus. It uses Sony's XMB interface which is modern and easy to understand, though a few of the listings are confusing (separate "audio", and "audio options" listings).

The picture quality itself is fantastic. It's actually quite difficult to judge a set when it's own its own, but comparing it side by side with other TVs in the store, the vividness of the color on the S3000 really stood out. Now I know that TVs in the store aren't calibrated properly, so it's all kind of a crap-shoot. Either way, having this TV in my parent's living room is awesome and I'm not disappointed with the picture at all. If there are any deficiencies I don't have the eye to see them, thank God!

Now for some details on the deal I got. Usually this TV retails for $1600, and I was able to get it for $1080! It took about 2 hours for me to argue that the promotions actually DO stack (price matching, and $100 tube trade-in) but it was well worth it :) Is this TV worth the $1600? Probably not. Though that's more because you should be able to score a good 42" LCD for about $1000-$1100 if you scout for deals.

Update (Jan 23rd): After having the set calibrated - just set to standard mode - it looks INCREDIBLE. I know above that I said you can't tell the difference without putting the TVs side by side. Well you can. And this Sony absolutely blows away my Westinghouse. The colors are clear, vivid, and vibrant. It really is amazing. It actually surprised me how different it was. I'm still a cheapo though so still not worth the extra money :P

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