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The S4100 Series is Sony's entry level 1080p line of LCD televisions introduced in 2008.

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10-bit panel

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1080p/60Hz support on component

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Slick interface

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The S4100 Series is Sony's entry level 1080p line of LCD televisions introduced in 2008. Succeeding the critically acclaimed S3000 series which won Consumer Reports best LCD TV in 2007, the 4100s upgrade the native resolution from 720p, to a FullHD 1080p. With the bump in resolution the new S series retains one if its key differentiators over most other televisions in this range with its 10-bit processing and 10-bit panel. As a step up from the S series is the more expensive V4100 series of televisions which adds a fourth HDMI input and dynamic backlight.

  • 1080p native resolution
  • 10-bit processing, 10-bit panel
  • 2500:1 contrast ratio
  • Digital Media Extender port
  • Inputs: HDMI x 3, Component x 2, Composite x 2, S-Video x 1, VGA x 1

10-bit panel - most televisions in this range are 8-bit panels, which directly translates into how many colors the television can display. More bits means more colors, which means smoother gradiations and even more vibrancy.

Digital Media Extender - this is a proprietary port that acts as a central gateway for future add-ons to be installe to expand the functionality of the TV. The first add-on available is the Bravia Internet Link module that lets you view video content from the Internet. Sony claims future add-ons will be available with more features.


The naming convention of the S4100 series takes the form of: Sony Bravia KDL-xxS4100

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11/15/2008 07:46

I am trying to decide on a tv. I understand that the S4100 series doesn't have the Bravia 2 engine, nor does it have the backlight, but it does have 1080 HD. My understanding of the M series is that it has the Bravia 2 engine, backlight, but isn't fully HD compatible. I don't have an HD satellite box, or Blu-Ray, so what would be the best choice for mostly tv watching?

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