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The Sony BRAVIA KDL-37M3000 is a 37-inch HDTV with a 720p resolution, released in 2007.

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tuner picks up channels really well, and the antenna is good at gathering free-to-air HD signals

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upscales SD television signals well, cleans up the image and helps it look good next to the HD content

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fast enough response for gaming, screen updates really quick

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good support for legacy equipment as well as higher-end stereos

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sound is above-average for a flat-panel TV, can clearly hear what is being said

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Blu-ray movies look really sharp, all the detail stands out well

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not many HDMI inputs, may need a receiver to account for all the equipment in the house

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The Sony BRAVIA KDL-37M3000 is a 37-inch HDTV with a 720p resolution, released in 2007. This high definition set is the predecessor to Sony’s 2009 BRAVIA L-Series KDL-37L4000. This television is exactly the same as the 32-inch KDL-32M3000; the only difference being the screen size. Features found on this BRAVIA include two HDMI inputs and one PC connection. Built-in are over-the-air ATSC/QAM tuners for receiving free HDTV programming. The ambient light sensor is a prominent addition to this television’s bezel, which will automatically adjust the set’s brightness to match the surrounding environment. Also featured is wide viewing angles at 178 degrees, allowing this HDTV to be viewable in just about any given room. An external surround sound system is not required, as Dolby Digital is fully decodable within the BRAVIA KDL-37M3000. Built-in stereo speakers line the bottom of the screen.

  • 37” LCD HDTV
  • 720p resolution
  • Ambient light sensor
  • Built-in stereo speakers
  • 178/178 degree viewing angles
  • Dolby Digital decoding
  • XMB menu system
  • Input: 2x HDMI, 2x Component, 1x PC, 3x Composite, 1x S-Video, 1x RF
  • Included remote control
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