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The previous version, the PSP slim (PSP-2000) was a big improvement over its predecessor.

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Super Bright screen, Great for High Quality Videos

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Lightweight Form Factor

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Supports Up To 32GB Memory Stick Duo

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UMD Slot Still Included Unlike PSPGo

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Integrated Microphone for use with Online Gaming or SKYPE application

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Half Byte Loader Has Been Successfully Ported for Booting SOME Homebrew

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Poor Battery Life; 50% Less Than PSP1000

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Shipped with Lots of Pixel Problems (Dead) and Screen Interlace Issues

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Pre-Installed with Latest Firmware Version; Downgrade Unavailable

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Very Strict Homebrew Game and Application Compatibility

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Wi-Fi Seems to be less Responsive than Previous Models

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The previous version, the PSP slim (PSP-2000) was a big improvement over its predecessor. It was a lighter and thinner handheld machine that enabled us to watch higher quality UMD video and view pictures and movies straight off a memory stick duo. With the new version it was also possible to charge the battery from a USB connection. There are fewer changes this time with the PSP 3000, but the enhanced screen is a major improvement and for PSP1000 owners the PSP3000 will be a major step up.

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10/09/2010 12:57

I own the Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker Bundle Edition PSP; the glossy green finish is slick and I love the design. The 3001 device is certainly A LOT lighter than the original (PHAT) PSP1000 models. The UMD Drive is still in the came spot however it feels flimsy, and easily broken; it also has no eject button meaning the user has to pop open the drive with a fingernail (Worth noting for older PSP users). The Wi-FI switch is also located on the top-left; next to the Left Bumper Button as opposed to the bottom left. Overall the new layout doesn't really affect the aesthetic or function; it works just as well as the original layout. The screen is A LOT brighter, but that also causes a terrible battery life even with Wi-Fi off. Also for those rooted in the Homebrew scene, the PSP3000 offers little to no modding support, especially if the device is pre-loaded with the latest firmware. Half Byte Loader has been successfully ported using several game exploits but only a very limited selection of Homebrew games and apps run on the latest firmware. Nonetheless, I am and have been very happy with my purchase; I don't mind waiting for the prominent PSP Scene hackers to whip something up. :)

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