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The PSP has evolved into a device with its own identity that has a strong connection to the PS3.

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Has a built in web browser which can connect from wireless hot spots.

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Able to connect to a computer through USB to play and view videos, music and photos in certain formats.

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Replaceable battery

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Easily upgradeable firmware over WiFi

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Large selection of games in many styles

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Media player (Music and Video) functionality built in.

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Uses memory sticks which are compatible with most Sony products and other computers via an appropriate card reader.

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Connects to PS3 for remote play

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Good value for money

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Large and active homebrew community

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Excellent screen perfect for viewing videos

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Custom firmware available

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Standards-based media support.

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Excellent sound and graphics when compared to other handhelds

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Running homebrew does not require hardware modification or ext ra hardware

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analog joystick

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Comes in different colors.

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The screen has a tendency to become scratched or smudged easily

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No wireless keyboard for internet browsing available

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fragile UMDs

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screen can be cracked on the inside

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Buttons start to wear out after about a year

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T9 text input could be cumbersome

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It's expensive

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Slowww wifi. It only has 802.11b

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terrible text input system - no QWERTY support

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Kinda big for the new age.

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Marketed as a Playstation 2 in your pocket, the PSP has evolved into a device with its own identity that has a strong connection to the PS3, and a diverse offering of titles. While not providing the same graphic fidelity of the PS2, the PSP still emphasizes graphics and a rich audio/visual experience compared to the Nintendo DS. In summer of 2007 Sony released the PSP Slim that is lighter, slimmer and features a TV-out port that lets you connect your PSP to the television directly.

Equipped with a wireless LAN feature, PSP enables users to connect to the Internet through access points, making it possible for users to download game characters and content and also to play games on-line with families, friends and on-line community members. For a more intimate gaming experience, a maximum of 16 PSP systems can be connected wirelessly through the ad-hoc mode allowing family and friends to create an instant yet powerful local on-line entertainment community.

PSP features an integrated high output lithium-ion battery that provides play time of between 4 and 6 hours for game titles and continuous 4 to 5 hours for video viewing.

With PSP, the world of PlayStation, people's most favourite platform, is further enhanced. A 4.3 inch wide 16:9 high resolution LCD screen, the largest in a handheld gaming device, creates a personal environment in which to enjoy games, music and video anytime, anywhere, with a dynamism that has never been possible before.

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