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Featuring a 3.8" screen, 16GB of internal storage, Bluetooth support for pairing with headsets and cellphones.

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more portable than the PSP, 50% smaller and 40% lighter

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fully embraces digital distribution

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16GB of internal storage

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built in WiFi

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Bluetooth compatibility

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$80 premium over the PSP

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smaller screen than the original PSP

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lack of UMD drive also means games bought for the PSP are not playable on the Go

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screen is still exposed even when 'closed'

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utilizes less popular, more expensive and less capacious Memory Stick Micro storage media

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no touchscreen

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seems uncomfortable to hold

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no UMD drive - games are loaded through memory stick or over the Playstation Network

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Leaked in late May 2009 just before E3 where it is expected to be announced, the PSP Go is the next generation handheld gaming unit from Sony. Featuring a 3.8" screen, 16GB of internal storage, Bluetooth support for pairing with headsets and cellphones, and a Memory Stick Micro slot for expansion, the device will feature the same number of buttons as the original PSP - contained in a slide out keypad. The main selling point of the unit will be the fact that it will be higly integrated with existing Sony consoles and media outlets, allowing for users to enjoy high quality games, video and audio on the go, with a much more mobile device - smaller and 43% lighter than the current PSP. Nevertheless, the device is not planned to replace the original PSP device, which will continue to be sold. A price or release date have not yet been released. More information will be added to this report as it becomes available.

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06/01/2009 11:53

I'm a huge fan of digital distribution, and with the amount of DD already happening on the PSP platform through piracy this was really a matter of time. I'm REALLY hoping there's a touch-screen, that hasn't been announced yet, if not then this could fall flat on its face. Also the form factor is somewhat awkward, but I have issues with most hand-held devices, so it might not be that big of a deal. We'll just have to see in a couple days when more details are released.

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