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As of March 31st, 2009 the PS2 is selling for an MSRP of $99.

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Built-in DVD movie player

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Backwards compatible with original Playstation (PSX) games

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Still supported by Sony even though the PS3 is out.

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A very large selection of games available, with more still coming out

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Sells for $99 after March 31, 2009

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many game DVDs compatible modern PS2 emulation software (PCSX2 etc.)

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Has USB ports for PSP charging capabilities

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Can play PS1 games

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No 4-player out of the box

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Underpowered compared to the the Xbox and the GameCube

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The dual-shock controller layout has the analog stick thrown in as an afterthought; a redesign of the controller would have helped

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As of March 31st, 2009 the PS2 is selling for an MSRP of $99. Sony's Playstation 2 is the most successful console of all time with huge sales all around the world. In 2005 there was a major hardware revision to the Playstation 2 that made the device much smaller, but also took away compatibility with the HDD. Released in 2000 the PS2 has seen one of the largest variety of games released appealing to everyone from the most hardcore niche audiences to the expanded casual audience that the Wii has taken over. The console continues to see new game releases in 2009 though the rate has decreased compared to its prime.

  • 128-bit emotion engine processor
  • backwards compatible with PS One games
  • 2 Memory card ports (memory cards needed for game saves)
  • 2 controller-ports
  • 1 ethernet port
  • Game catalog in the thousands
  • Multiple bundles available
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