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The new standard controller for use with the PlayStation 4 game console. Improved feedback and sensitivity of controls.

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Better grip on control sticks than previous DUALSHOCK models

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Headphone jack is really convenient, eliminates need to buy unique PS4 headphones

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L3 and R3 buttons much easier to press than before

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Very comfortable to hold, noticeable ergonomic improvement

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microUSB charge cable not incldued

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Shorter battery life than previous models

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Sony's DUALSHOCK 4 controller is the new standard controller for use with the PlayStation 4 game console. The design resembles that of previous generations of DUALSHOCKS, but there are some notable differences. The grips are slightly more ergonomic, the directional pad is more comfortable and sensitive, and both control sticks have an indentation that allows for greater thumb grip. It has a six-axis motion sensor that can add new ways of control to gameplay, as well as a touchpad at the top of the controller, for a similar reason. Instead of a Start and Select button, there is now only one "Options" button. There is also a dedicated content-sharing button that lets users share gameplay videos and more amongst themselves. Each PS4 system includes one of these controllers in Black, but other colour options are available for separate purchase. As of the PS4 launch date, this is the sole proprietary controller for the system. 

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  • Improved feedback and sensitivity of controls over previous models
  • Clickable touch-pad
  • Integrated speaker
  • 3.5mm headphone jack
  • Dedicated content-sharing button
  • More ergonomic grip design than previous models
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Color Options

  • Jet Black
  • Magma Red
  • Wave Blue
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