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The PlayStation Move controller is Sony's response to Nintendo's tremendous success with the Wii.

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built in rechargeable battery

14 agree

better tracking of position compared to the Wiimote

12 agree

Playstation 3 has better graphics than the Wii which make it more appealing

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some games allow for two Moves to be used by one person

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Makes more sense for Shooters than Analog sticks.

9 agree

light weight

8 agree

Allows for a more realistic gaming experience than analog sticks

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Nice Color

8 agree

It has kind of a cool look

7 agree

decent trigger design

7 agree

comfortable in the hand

4 agree

console exclusive games

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playstation in generel is way better think about it they have been around longer than exbox and always had better graphics than nintendo way better games than nintendo and free online the only good th

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will get very expensive to have full local multiplayer games going

8 agree

people who have never seen or touched the hardware will judge it well before it actually comes out

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looks ridiculous

4 agree

doesn't seem like much of an improvement over the Wiimote

4 agree

game support is going to be very limited

4 agree

seems unnecessarily complicated and unfriendly

3 agree

can't be used as a regular controller like the Wiimote

2 agree

weak rumble

2 agree

early reports of lag

2 agree

included software looks like a cheap rip-off of Wii icons

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The PlayStation Move controller is Sony's response to Nintendo's tremendous success with the Wii. Using a combination of internal sensors and the Playstation Eye, the PS3 is able to track the Move's position and orientation to enable Wii-like motion based controls. Both the Playstation Eye and a Move controller are necessary to enable motion controls. For games that require an analog stick, a regular Dual Shock controller can be used, or a more optimized one-handed controller that Sony dubs the PlayStation Move sub-controller.

Probably the most notable physical feature of the Move controller is the large glowing ball at the top. This ball is used by the Playstation Eye to determine the controller's position relative to the TV, and performs other calibration tasks. The ball itself can be set to any RGB color and will probably vary depending on the lighting in the room, and the number of people simultaneously playing.

On the PlayStation Move controller itself there's a large button in the center where your thumb rests. Along the four corners of this central button are the four regular PlayStation buttons (Square, Triangle, X, and O). On the backside of the wand are two triggers in similar style to Xbox 360 triggers, with one trigger button having a concave ramp, while the other is more of a bumper or traditional button.

  • pairs with the PlayStation Eye for motion-based controls
    • orientation
    • distance from television
  • 10 buttons
    • 5 gameplay buttons on the front
    • 2 triggers on the back
    • start, select
    • home button
  • built in lithium rechargeable battery
  • built in rumble
  • USB port for charging and pairing with the system
  • expansion port for future add-ons
  • glowing bulb that can be any RGB color
  • two PlayStation Move controllers can be used at once
  • PlayStation Move can be paired with regular Dual Shock or Sub-Controller
  • Fall 2010 release date
  • "Under $100"
Post Review
09/08/2010 09:59

An improvement on the idea of motion gaming. This looks like what I thought I was getting when I purchased the nintendo wiik



03/19/2011 06:40

It's a major improvement over the Wii; it's like comparing a Tiger handheld to a PSP. It's far more accurate tracking of motion allows them to use movements that more realistically simulate the movements on screen.

09/08/2010 09:58

The game support will improve as is the case with all hardware launches. Looks versatile. Hope it is used like the wii mote is on some racing games as a floating steering wheel. Fun!

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