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The PlayStation Move Shooting Attachment is a peripheral meant for use solely with Playstation Move motion controllers.

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much more comfortable to aim with than just using the controller directly

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controller stays secure, won't slip out as you play

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lets you use the controller buttons while it's still in the gun grip

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doesn't need a separate battery to work

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easy to set up, controller slips right in

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perfect ergonomics for adult hands, feels very comfortable

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looks a little too cute, doesn't match the controller itself

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doesn't work well with Resident Evil 5, too awkward

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The PlayStation Move Shooting Attachment is a peripheral meant for use solely with Playstation Move motion controllers. It allows any Move controller to be more comfortable while playing first person shooter titles. Additionally, the Shooting Attachment is lightweight and requires no extra batteries while its ergonomic grip ensures greater comfort over long play sessions.

The Shooting Attachment's ergonomic grip was designed to provide optimal comfort in hand while allowing access to every button on the attached Move controller, maximizing first person shooter comfort. Meanwhile, the Shooting attachment's strap slot allows the Move controller's wrist strap to be easily threaded through the back of the shooting attachment, allowing it to still be used.


  • Attaches to the PlayStation Move motion controller while keeping all necessary buttons fully accessible during gameplay
  • Requires no batteries or leads
  • Lightweight and simple to use
  • For use with a range of PS3 shooting titles compatible with PlayStation Move
  • Easily thread the motion controller wrist strap through the strap slot
  • Pistol-like grip comfortably fits in the hand and provides an ergonomic grip for extended gameplay sessions
  • One hand remains free to operate the PlayStation Move navigation controller or Dualshock 3 wireless controller
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