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The GPS-CS3KA can record the exact location, date, and time of every single photo taken.

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includes a modern high sensitivity GPS system

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photos and locations can be mapped and viewed together on Google Maps or Google Earth

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pictures and locations are matched by time - no need to manually match or input data by hand

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uses a single AA battery

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compatible with any digital camera or camcorder

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affordable price

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90-day limited warranty

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battery life is not very good - needs backup batteries for full day use (a single battery should last 5-7 hours)

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The Sony GPS-CS3KA is a revolutionary GPS image tracker that will allow users to not only show their friends pictures and videos, but to also display on a map (e.g. Google Earth) the route traveled during the shooting/recording. In fact, the GPS-CS3KA can record the exact location, date, and time of every single photo taken. The GPS IC records the location, the Image Tracker translates the data into latitude and longitude values, and then the included Picture Motion Browser Software pinpoints the location on a Google map. Compatible with virtually any digital still camera and camcorder, the GPS-CS3KA features built-in dual MS/SD card slots, a TRACE function for displaying one’s travel route along with associated pictures, a SHARE function for emailing maps to friends/family, and convenient attachment for an arm or bicycle frames. The Sony GPS-CS3KA retails for $149.99 and comes with a limited 90 day warranty.

  • GPS IC
  • Image Tracker
  • Picture Motion Browser Software
  • Built-In Dual MS/SD Card Slots
  • 15 Hour Battery (Sold Separately)
  • Convenient Attachment
  • TRACE Function
  • SHARE Function
  • Frequency Response: 1575.42 MHz
  • Sensitivity: -159dBm
  • Operating Temperature: +32 to +104 F
  • Storage Temperature: -4 to +140 F
  • 90 Day Warranty
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