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Work and play go hand-in-hand with the VAIO® FE Notebook.

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Comfortable keyboard.

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looks good

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Very clear, bright screen.

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Only 3 USB ports.

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Battery lasts about an hour to an hour and a half.

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No scroller on the mouse pad.

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No way to turn off the mouse without going into the VAIO options.

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Work and play go hand-in-hand with the VAIO® FE Notebook. The FE combines cutting-edge performance with ample workspace while maintaining a slim, portable design. The fast Intel® Core™ processor and stunning 15.4" widescreen display1 with XBRITE HiColor™ technology will give you the power you need and the viewing experience you crave. With the FE Notebook, you can manage and enjoy multimedia entertainment, use state-of-the-art communication features and power through demanding computing applications without compromising space or style.

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10/07/2007 01:57

I've had mine for about a year and a half. The computer itself is great. I absolutely love it. Actually, I managed to convince a friend to buy one as well.

I can't say as much for Sony service. My purchase records have been lost by I've had the CD drive replaced and when they came to fix it the guy managed to lose 5 screws. Then I needed the mouse serviced and that guy tore my whole computer apart and after he left my mouse was still broken, but worse and my hotkeys were broken as well. Oh, and I was missing 2 MORE screws.

My recommendation: I love the my computer. I'd recommend it to anyone. Do not get the Sony extended warranty though. Find some other warranty you can get because it's bad news. Also, I can't make any promises that when you hit the year and a half mark the thing wont start falling apart. Mine has.

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