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The Sony VAIO W Series VPCW211AX mid-range notebook that does not include any sort of optical drive (CD or DVD reader) .

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battery goes a long time between recharges

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track pad is a good size, sensitivity is set comfortably by default

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raised keys are easy and comfortable to type on

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small design profile, very portable and has well designed WiFI capability that connects quickly and solidly

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large battery is heavy and bulky

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ships with Windows 7 starter, which is restricted in arbitrary ways such as preventing the desktop background from changing

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under-powered for anything other than web surfing and light-duty word processing

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The Sony VAIO W Series VPCW211AX mid-range notebook that does not include any sort of optical drive (CD or DVD reader). The device is intended for portable use and for standard computer functions like using the internet, office programs, and some media capabilities; this is not mean to serve as a games system and will have trouble running most games. Part specifications include an Intel Atom Processor N450, specifically designed for longer battery life, 1GB of RAM, and a Mobile Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 3150 for video and graphic functionality. A 250GB hard drive is included with the notebook and is meant to be filled by downloads or with CD/DVD file transfers with an external optical drive via USB connection. The notebook's battery life has an average in-use duration of 8 hours. Despite being a mini-notebook, the system has a full QWERTY keyboard and touchpad as a user interface. WiFi or wireless via Ethernet jack are the options for connectivity with this system.

Specifications and Features
  • dimensions: 10.54" x 2.00" x 7.07"
  • in-use battery life: approx. 8
  • weight: 2.93 lbs with standard battery
  • 250 GB hard drive; 5400 rpm
  • processor: IntelĀ® Atom Processor N45, 1.66Ghz
  • ram: 1GB; expandable to 2GB
  • GPU: Mobile Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 3150
  • Intel High Definition Audio
  • no CD/DVD/Blu-Ray reader included
  • screen size: 10.1"; 1366x768 resolution
  • OS: Windows 7 Starter Edition
  • Ports: Headphone Jack; USBx2; Microphone, Ethernet
  • integrated camera
  • SD memory card reader included
  • keyboard and touchpad interface
  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth capable
  • EPEAT gold
  • warranty: one year
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