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Featuring improved hardware specifications and improved software capabilities.

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Simple and sleek design

13 agree

USB mass storage mode works with all operating systems

13 agree

PDF support

11 agree

Excellent text reproduction

10 agree

Huge storage capabilities (up to 12GB total)

9 agree

Can now group collections on SD

9 agree

Plays mp3s

8 agree

Improved button placement

7 agree

very easy to read, in the right light

6 agree

Cheaper than other available eBook readers

6 agree

No back light (no glare, sharply increased battery life)

5 agree

Now supports ePub (open eBook format)

5 agree

Helpful user community

3 agree

Thin and light, beautiful aluminium body

1 agrees
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PDF rendering is very poor for larger pages - text is rendered very small

10 agree

Software still inneficient for large collection

9 agree

Can't control music while reading

7 agree

Formatting of RTF files can be slow

6 agree

Page transition is annoying

3 agree

eBook software limited to Windows

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No back light

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The Sony Reader PRS-505 is the upgrade to Sony's first eBook reader the PRS-500 featuring improved hardware specifications and improved software capabilities. The 6" screen uses a new version of the E-Ink technology with a better contrast ratio, faster response time, and support for eight shades of gray instead of four. Furthermore the PRS-505 contains two slots, one for Memory Stick Duo cards, and one for SD Cards.

  • 6" EInk screen
  • Portrait and landscape modes
  • Formats: HTML, Txt, PRC, PalmDoc, PDF, Secured Mobipocket
  • 32MB of integrated storage expandable by 12GB through memory cards
  • Unprotected MP3 and AAC support

Transferring content to the reader is accomplished by one of two ways: 1) through Sony's eBook Library software (Windows only), and 2) dragging and dropping directly from your computer. The eBook library software acts as a portal where you can purchase new protected eBooks, and also transfer Word, and other documents to the 505's native format. When connected to your computer through USB, the 505 acts as a USB mass storage device and shows up as an extra drive. If you have memory cards in the slots, then both can show up as separate mass storage drives when connected to your computer.


Alongside the traditional methods of browsing your books - including by author, by date downloaded - the software in the 505 has additional support for Collections. Collections are custom defined groups of books for easier organization, though only one level of grouping is available with subgroups not possible.

Both unprotected MP3 and unprotected AAC playback are supported. Music controls are built directly in the player's software letting you perform that standard actions such as play, pause and skip tracks. No dedicated music controls are found on the 505's hardware, which means that when you have music playing while reading a book there's no way to control the music.

Regarding the poor display of pdfs, various workarounds have been proposed. One is an 'any2lrf' converter, found as part of a library called libprs500

Post Review
01/12/2009 04:31

If the Sony Connect software is annoying you, or you're on a non-Windows machine, try

Also is a really helpful and extensive community for all ebook readers.

11/26/2008 10:28

oh also.. the buttons on the side are always getting pressed even when the cover is over it if you pick it up from that side or close the cover to hevily! But i hear there is plenty of hacks out there for disabling this. Why it is not just an option is beyond me.

11/26/2008 10:27

The "reader" software (like ipods software.. but appaulingingly simplistic and annoying to use) does not appear to be able to do much other than let you copy things over. How do you set up catagories? Also half of these protected PDF's you buy dont even bother setting the title or author fields in the pdf which is very frustrating! I t took a while to realise you needed abobe editions and sony reader installed just to get copyportected files over (and you have to have editions closed just to get it to authorize the first time.. i had it open allready and wondered why it was not working!) VERY FIDDLY. Still in its infancy from the looks of it. Also so few people sell ebooks. Only 1 of terry pratchets is available for exampel.. and a lot of books are only allowed in certain contries!

10/18/2008 09:20

Does this have a cbz reader?

05/31/2008 02:22

want to buy it, but unfortunately its not avaliable in india, only way i can buy it, i got to order it online, but the shipping charges vary btwn 50$ to 75$ !!!!

05/14/2008 09:21

Does sony's eBook library have a majority of the books? what do you do about a book they don't have but Amazon or others have?

12/18/2007 04:06

If their Sony Connect service is anything to go by you're definitely right! Funny enough, but I actually really like their XMB interface that they're using on all their new home theatre equipment and PS3/PSP. Maybe their new software practises will migrate over to the other departments? Not bloody likely... So I agree, they should just open up the damn platform. They learned their lesson with their MP3 players, hopefully it doesn't take as long with the readers.

12/18/2007 02:51

Sony is really really bad at software design, it would win a lot of support if it'd open up its platform for developers.

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