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The PRS-2121 has some new features not included in those versions.

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5 font sizes, landscape mode and new dual-page mode

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great format support (PDF, Word, etc...)

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Large 7" screen with e-paper technology(doesn't require power to display image, just to change it)

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Internal 512MB memory with 380MB accessible

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USB 2.0 connection

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rechargeable internal battery can hold a charge up to two weeks

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Accepts Sony Memory Stick Pro DUO and SDHC cards

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3G wifi feature connects to Sony bookstore for downloading

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external storage means it is not limited to Sony's proprietary service

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does not require a pay-for 3G subscription

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Can only connect to Sony bookstore. No browser

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no keyboard

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No Audio Support

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limited internal storage compared to competition

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Will be a while before specializing sites and services become available since wifi is still fairly new on e-Readers

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The Sony Daily Edition PRS-2121 is a portable electronic reading device and the first to offer 3G wifi, making it a clear competitor to Amazon's Kindle DX e-Readers. Announced on August 25, 2009 just two weeks after the release of the PRS-600 Touch Edition and the PRS-300 Pocket Edition, the PRS-2121 has some new features not included in those versions. Of course the 3G wireless capability so it can connect directly with Sony's bookstore for downloading new books, and there is a larger 7" touchscreen with grayscale that has been doubled to a depth of 16 levels. Standard features that have been retained are the e-paper, or 'electronic ink' display which can be viewed in bright sunlight without picture loss, rechargeable internal battery, 512MB of internal memory(380MB accessible) and the ability to view a page in 'landscape mode' which displays the current page horizontally. A new viewing mode is also featured which lets you view two pages at once, just like an actual book. Books may also be imported via Sony Memory Stick Pro DUO or SDHC secure digital card so it is not limited to downloading from the Sony store.

  • Display: 7 inch. touch-screen
  • Gray scale: 16-levels
  • Internal Memory: 512MB, 380MB accessible
  • Takes Sony Memory Stick Pro DUO and SDHC cards up to 32GB
  • USB 2.0
  • Font Size: 5 adjustable font sizes
  • Battery: Sealed internal Lithium-ion, up to two weeks of reading on one charge(chargeable via USB)
  • Wireless: AT&T 3G wireless (free), access to eBook store only, no web browser
  • New dual page viewing mode
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