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The Sony Ericsson C702 is a higher-mid-range candybar handset.

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Excellent specifications for a feature phone, with HSDPA data, Bluetooth v2.0, and RDS FM radio

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Good camera performance compared to similar phones

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Secure battery cover

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Built-in A-GPS, rare for a midrange feature phone

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Durable built, and splash proof

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Unintuitive volume/zoom buttons

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No TV out

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Battery cover can be too hard to open

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Clunky user interface

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The Sony Ericsson C702 is a higher-mid-range candybar handset. It has several different releases, the C702i, C702a and C702c. The latter two are the North American and mainland Chinese releases, respectively. It must be noted that only the C702i has 3G capabilities, even though all of them are quad-band receptive on the 2G network. The C702's other main feature is a GPS receiver which automatically geotags photographs. The camera is 3.15-megapixels and has autofocus, video capture and LED flash. There is also a secondary videocalling camera as well as mp3 player with track recognition. Internal memory is 160MB, and this can be expanded with M2 memory sticks up to 4GB. Also included is the NetFront Internet browser, picture editor and blogger, and stereo FM radio. The screen is large, at 2.2"-diagonal, and the whole phone is shock-, dust-, and splash-resistant, and is somewhat targeted at those who will use their phone outdoors often.

  • Released June 2008
  • 3G HSDPA 2100 (Only C702i)
  • 2G GSM 850/900/1800/1900 (All releases)
  • Durable frame
  • 256k-color screen, large 2.2"-diagonal screen
  • 3.15-megapixel digital camera with autofocus, LED flash, video capture, geotagging
  • Secondary QVGA videocalling camera
  • GPS receiver
  • mp3/mpeg4 player
  • FM radio receiver
  • 160MB internal memory, up to 4GB with M2 stick
  • Up to 10h (2G) battery life, up to 4h (3G)
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