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The MHC-EC98Pi is a mini hi-fi stereo system from Sony.

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530W RMS (265W per channel)

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remote can control iPod functions

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speakers aren't any larger than the less powerful MHC-EC78Pi

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cheaper and less gaudy looking than competing products

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adds a dedicated subwoofer to the mix

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4 ohm subwoffer

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besides being louder and separating the subwoofer from the main speakers this model does not add anything over the smaller MHC-EC78Pi

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only space for a single CD

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the subwoofer does not have enough power for only a 4 ohm

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heavier and has more of a presence than the MHC-EC78Pi

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The MHC-EC98Pi is a mini hi-fi stereo system from Sony. Featuring a CD player, an AM/FM tuner with 30 presets, two 265W speakers, an iPod dock, 3.5mm auxiliary input, and 7 preset EQ settings, the MHC-EC98Pi can read home-burned MP3 CDs as well as the regular factory pressed CDs you buy at the store. The MHC-EC98Pi's remote control can also control any docked iPod. Intended for those who listen to their music loudly on in larger spaces, the MCH-EC98Pi is stronger than the smaller models, seperating the subwoofer from the normal speaker enclosures to increase the amount of sound without distorting it. There are no other differences.

  • CD player can play both regular CD and home-burned MP3 CDs, AM/FM radio with 30 presets, iPod dock, AUX in for use with PCs and portable media players
  • 1.5" (4 cm) tweeters with 5" (13cm) woofers - 265W per channel
  • 7 preset EQ settings for better sounding music based on type
  • headphone jack for personal listening
  • remote control with iPod controls
  • clock functionality
  • Dimensions & Weight: 220 x 350 x 220 (WHD) (speakers x 2);  200 x 306 x 430 (WHD) (main unit), 280 x 306 x 310 (WHD) (subwoofer), 3.5 kg (speakers x 2);  6.9 kg (main unit), 5.6Kg (subwoofer)
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02/22/2012 09:19

good for you sony but since i buy it this component i have a problem
the music system its blocked and i need sthe service manual of the product but i cant find it
can you help me sony .....yessssssss

Shut it
12/30/2011 01:31

haha this is an amazing stereo and its loud and has crystal clear sound !~! good job sony

11/05/2011 01:17

Patricia Velasquez's farts have more bass.

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